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This is a new podcast Ted Lee and Mykle Law are starting. Bear with us, as we are not incredibly tech-savvy.
This is a podcast about just what it says. Mormons, and something else. Episode 1 is on Intellectuallism in Mormonism, or maybe it's Intellectualism and Mormonism? Some of both probably.
Read more about it later, at

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Mykle Law commented on a post on Blogger.
You know what would be awesome? Posting a listing with each video that tells viewers about the topics covered, and more specifically, where in the video (what time point) that the topics change.

This way, if I was interested in say, the cemetery issues-- I could jump right to that point in the video. Or if I have questions about the BRT, I could jump to that point.

FWIW, the BRT section seems to begin at about 2:19:00 or so.
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