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Information about the hardship privilege and conditional license as a result of a NY DWI arrest and prosecution.

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The Hardship Privilege and the Conditional License - New York DWI
Hardship Privilege If you are alleged to have a blood alcohol content of .08
or higher (as a result of a properly administered chemical test of your breath,
blood and/or urine) and the court has in its possession certified results of
that test, your driver’...

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DWI Arrests, Chemical Tests and Your Qualified Right to Call an Attorney
     You see
the red and blue flashing lights quickly coming up behind you.   You stop breathing for a second.   He’s not coming for you…is he?   Sonafa…he IS coming for you. Your heart and stomach immediately flip flop
and you start to panic.   Wait.   You...

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Police Video - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Regrettably, another professional athlete, Michael Floyd, formerly of the Arizona Cardinals and now New England Patriots, has been arrested for DWI/DUI. I'm sure many of you have seen the video by now of the first 3+ minutes of the arrest. And I'm sure you'...

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New York Bail or Recognizance: What It Is and How It Works
The first real issue that
is addressed after someone has been arrested for and formally charged with a
crime is that of bail or recognizance. 
This is a determination ultimately made by the judge after considering
arguments from both the prosecution and the...

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What You Need to Know About Your Order of Protection
An order of protection (“OP”)
can come in different shapes and sizes.  But if one has been issued against you, you
better damn well know exactly what you can and can’t do, because not knowing
and making even an innocent mistake can land you in jail facing a...

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Can a Police Officer Order You to Exit the Vehicle During a Traffic Stop?
Yes. In New York State (and,
thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, pretty much everywhere in the US) a police
officer can order the driver and all passengers out of a vehicle during a stop
for a traffic violation if the officer believes it necessary to protect ...

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"I Just Admitted Online to Kidnapping the Lindbergh Baby. That's Confidential...Isn't It?"
     I’m a member of the attorney
referral service, Avvo (  - take a look a my profile, ).    Maybe you’ve seen their commercials, some of
them are pretty entertaining.   The

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Will You Be Required to Complete an Alcohol Evaluation if Arrested for DWI?
In NY it's mandatory (VTL 1198-a) that anyone arrested for a violation of VTL 1192 (alcohol and drug related driving offenses) complete, at a minimum, an alcohol and substance abuse screening. Whether you will be required to do more than that depends on wha...
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