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Hi Dawn! This sounds like you were doing NaNoWriMo. I just finished April NaNo Camp! Made my goal of 35K last night so I can relate to your post. I'm always amazed at what happens during the process - new characters, new twists and turns. There were connections there about which I had no idea. And I also resonate with the disparity of needing to be "normal" and wanting to go headlong into the written world! It does feel a little schizophrenic to be in both worlds. I find my written world much more fascinating and adventurous than our mundane world of everyday life. Maybe our word worlds will meet up at NaNo Camp in July or next November!  Keep writing!
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Hello everybody. I'm doing FiDarThiMo this year...uh...that would be Finish the Darn Thing Month!! I haven't come up with a logo yet and I probably won't since we start THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!! Good luck to everyone.  And hey Chris...Welcome to's going to be a fantastic month, buddy!!
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