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Fine Art Wedding Photography in New York & Commercial Time-Lapse Videographer
Fine Art Wedding Photography in New York & Commercial Time-Lapse Videographer

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Welcome to the long awaited 2016 Year In Review blog post by New York Indian Wedding Photographer FengLong Photography! 2016 was an amazing year, full of weddings all over the US from New York to New Jersey, Atlanta to Augusta, North Carolina to Texas, and even down to the Florida Keys! Thank you Delta for always taking care of me and getting us around with no crazy delays this year, that’s why I keep flying them and won’t switch to anyone else. That and the fact that the majority of our weddings are in New York or Atlanta, both of Delta’s hub cities so I can always find a flight. I’m not so sure 2017 will bring quite so many destinations as the year is filling up fast in bookings, but we shall see :). Back to the blog post at hand, 2016 and it’s amazing weddings! These wedding photos that I’ve selected for this blog post were just my personal favorites, and I know everyone has their preferences but these were the photos I am currently loving, so if you don’t see your personal favorite I apologize, and also if I didn’t post something from a specific wedding I probably missed it when going through the 100k photos from 2016 and will update this post at a future time as I tried to get a few from every single event in 2016 :). 100,417 photos taken in 2016 to be exact, which is slightly more than the 93,775 photos I took in 2015. I actually probably shot fewer timelapses in 2016 which usually contribute to that large number of photographs, so that means we just photographed A LOT of Indian Weddings this year compared to 2015 which was definitely true! Without further adieu, here are my favorite wedding, engagement, and pre-wedding photos from 2016 from Indian weddings and everything in between!

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Amber & Jay held their multi-day fusion Indian wedding in Atlanta over the Summer and we couldn’t have had a better time celebrating with these two and their families! From the Civil Ceremony to the Pithi Sangeet to the Ismaili Ceremony and the Sikh Ceremony, this wedding had a ton of events and tons of opportunities for amazing photographs! So on that note their were sooooo many amazing photos from this super photogenic couple that I had a really hard time narrowing things down for the blog posts. My mantra for 2016 blogs was to post slightly less than before but I love all of the photos so much it’s hard to choose just a few favorites! This Civil Ceremony day alone had a ton of activities from the getting ready and first look, we then had the outdoor Civil Ceremony in front of the lake. After the wedding party photos and everything else, we had a traditional Pithi ceremony for the Ismaili portion of the wedding where Jay even got to experience the egg ceremony at the end! There’s plenty more to come for this Ismaili Sikh Fusion Indian Wedding but for now, check out Amber in her gorgeous white dress and Jay in his suit for their outdoor civil ceremony!

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This fusion Jewish Indian wedding kicks off in my home state of Florida and was an awesome way for all of us New Yorkers to have a winter break. And this was not just a cool fusion wedding but also a destination Indian wedding as everyone in attendance was from New York or New Jersey, yay for getting away from the cold Northeast in Winter! Not that December was particularly cold this year, it's still warm right now in January with very little snow! Taking off from JFK in New York in 40-degree weather and landing in 70-degree weather in Miami, Florida was more than welcome! This blockbuster destination Indian wedding only had 2 days on the main schedule, buuuuuut 2 days of an Indian wedding, especially a fusion Indian wedding, means a lot of events and a full weekend! The wedding formally kicked off Friday morning at Hawk's Cay Resort in the Florida Keys with Ronnie's Puja ceremony, also called the Haldi or Vidhi ceremony where Ronnie's gets a little messy to bring out that glow for the wedding :).

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Yay more posts on the blog from Summer shoots, yeah that 2016 wrap up blog post with these photos and others is coming soon! To the post at hand, even though it's a cold day with some snow on the ground here on Long Island, over the Summer I had the privilege of hanging out in Manhattan with these two awesome people who came up from the Washington, DC area for their engagement session prior to their Summer 2017 fusion Vietnamese Indian Wedding! We headed over to Central Park for our first location after meeting up at a coffee shop because you know I love coffee, doesn't everyone?

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Day 2 of Tasneem & Ali’s wedding took place at a variety of locations, from the Nikkah at Ismaili HQ in Decatur to the Westin Perimeter Atlanta for getting ready and finally the evening reception at Opal Event Hall. The day began at home with Tasneem’s hair and makeup by Samantha Gunn – Gunn Glamour.

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Today’s wedding blog feature is another Summer wedding from earlier in this year which took place at Al-Noor Banquet Hall in Atlanta, Georgia! This is a newer banquet hall in the Norcross area of the Atlanta suburbs. Easy access to a large space, what’s not to love? Tasneem and Ali came down from Chicago for their Ismaili wedding weekend in Atlanta and we had the honor to be able to capture the fun and festivities with their families and friends. The first night of this Atlanta Indian Wedding was the Pithi and Sangeet night at Al-Noor, and we kicked that off with some pre-Pithi portraits in my favorite location – the parking lot! :)

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Here's a super quick blog post from a photo session I did just YESTERDAY, but it was a quick one so it's much easier to post this than a full wedding like I normally would. This Thanksgiving I was in Dallas and Houston for Farah and Naveed's Indian Wedding, and after the wedding was finished on Saturday I had Sunday to myself and met up with my past bride and groom Samrina and Fraz in Downtown Houston! After some great coffee and conversation at Tout Suite, we did a quick 10-minute anniversary photo shoot in the parking lot :). So, not a TON of photos, but I do love them so much!

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Thanks for checking out our Indian wedding photography blog that is always out of order! After writing up a couple of Indian fusion weddings from YEARS AGO here is one from 2016 at least! :) Definitely not in order though as I have a bunch from earlier that need to go up on the blog but this one is right in front of me ready to publish, so here it is! Speaking of publishing weddings on this blog, Sarah & Aziz’s wedding was already featured once on the Maharani Weddings blog which you can read by following this link here. I’m sure I picked similar photos to submit to Maharani Weddings but a lot of these photos will be my favorite candid and emotional photos in addition to the great portraits that I sent to their blog.

Also, before I get to the photos, we had the pleasure of working with some great vendors to make Sarah & Aziz’s dream weekend a reality!

Makeup: Glamour Makeup by Ruth Lam
Hair: Gunn Glamour
Decor: Events InStyle by Beenish
Mehndi: Manisha’s Mehndi Design
DJ: Prime DJs
Catering: Naan N Curry & Mirza Catering

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It’s that time, time for another camera review! Your regularly scheduled Indian Wedding blog posts will resume shortly but this quick break will allow me to clear my head a bit from editing and get thoughts out on this camera while it’s still fresh in my mind.

I preordered the Canon 5D Mark IV on its announcement from Amazon and got it on release day. Since that time I’ve had the chance to do more than just a simple unboxing review but to actually use the camera in a live shooting environment at 2 full Indian Weddings, 1 Civil Ceremony, and 3 engagement sessions. And if you are familiar with Indian Weddings, those 2 weddings were 4 days long each so that’s 8 full day events and 4 other engagement/portraits/prewedding type sessions under my belt with the Canon 5D Mark IV.

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I met up Amber and Jay for their pre-wedding Sikh Ismaili fusion Indian engagement session at Barnsley Gardens / Barnsley Resort just outside of Atlanta, Georgia and we had a blast on this hot, Georgia Summer afternoon! Amber and Jay are having a fusion Indian wedding that will blend both their Sikh and Ismaili backgrounds and I can’t wait for that to happen in a few weeks! So, for now, here are the equally awesome engagement session photos we took at the beautiful Barnsley Gardens!

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