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Originally posted on Facebook - August 1, 2017 - 001 Unrecorded Income
I've been looking at parts of our yard where we have green banana trees and where mangoes fall and I have been wondering about our unrecorded income, our yields and our movement of assets on the property... Sometimes we give away mangoes, green bananas and ...

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Originally posted on Facebook - Changes to a name
In the field of work, some persons have professional names and personal names which they use as the occasion fits and as their world changes... One example of the above occurs when a single female joins the world of work, she may be known by her maiden name...

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Originally posted on Facebook - Learning Tip 2017- 07- 27 -002 - Emergency Funds
As mentioned in "Learning Tip 2017- 07- 27 -001", I have taken a few career breaks during my work life and used the time to develop either skills or knowledge. One of the cross overs which happened was the use of planning in gardening: Close to a year befor...

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Originally posted on Facebook: Learning Tip 2017 -07-27 - 001
Having taken career breaks at several times in my work life for various reasons and having used the break period to develop myself by either : Learning about an industry or the performance of a company or By learning through practice about some area of inte...

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Marketing Tip - 20170426 -001 Expanding Market Share through New Products ( A variation of Anson Product Market Matrix)
I've been looking at the Walmart website and was so happy to see Cornmeal in large sizes at decent prices, lots of cookie mixes for about US$2.00 each and peanut butter specials .... However here is a list of items which I would love to see on the site: 1 A...

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Essay - July 2016 - Marketing Artie's Patties
Background Artie’s Patties
is located on the third road on the left on entering Diego Martin and is in
close proximity to St. Finbar’s R.C. Church, St. Anthony’s College and several
small businesses which are located along the same stretch of roadway. All o...

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The River - A photo Essay from July 2016
It was one of those days when I was trying to decide if I could continue to behave as a teenager or what I could do to become a little more grown up. I
walked towards the bridge gingerly, as there was a slight incline in the
walkway,  some cracks in the con...

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I am now reading Oct. 2016's AB' - Technical Update by Keith Nuthall - Swiss Tax Transparency
I am now
reading Oct. 2016's AB' - Technical Update  by Keith Nuthall - Swiss Tax
Transparency  This Technical page consists of small posts on tax matters which  can impact on the world in one way or the other. This is important for us in Trinidad as Trinid...

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I've been reading: ACCA's Accounting & Business's March 2017's issue - Integrated Reporting
I've been reading: ACCA's Accounting & Business's   - Integrated Reporting which is listed in  March 2017's issue which I received on March 17, 2017 At this time, my mind is juggling the how to's with respect to "The how-to
of integration" (by Sima Varsani ...

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Perplexing Things - Part I - March 6, 2017
As indicated in my Curriculum Vitae, I have had m any interests over the years with most of them occurring in my work life where I was exposed to: Taxation - which had its own level of materiality from auditing, Corporate secretarial records  - where there ...
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