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How do I GM FAE: Strays? I was thinking about running secret of cats for freerpg day next month & someone here suggested Strays since it's a bit lighter & aimed at a younger/newer audience... While the Strays text gives a lot of stuff for players, as a GM I'm pretty much feeling that I'm left directionless & at a total loss for what kind of problems that the strays actually face. To make things worse, my initial ideas are going into pretty dark areas people would need the protection of those magical critters.

There is the whole naughty & nice thing, but doesn't seem to be anything about what they are defending against

Thinking about running a freerpg day fate game next month on the 17th. I've been running a morts game w/ dresdenish & more elements developing over time for several months now & was thinking of maybe doing a 1 off secret of cats thing with a quick intro from the victim side of things like was done in the recent teresa day/will wheaton.etc fate game youtube clip. Does anyone have any other suggestions/ideas?

I'm hoping for some creative help from the community here

I have a player who recently came across a necklace that unknowingly contained one or more Vetala/Rakshasa(Big E Evil mythical Indian demons) bound within it at the end of the session where they recovered it for someone who may or may not be big E Evil. Given that the character has an addiction problem & was under heavy influence the next session, they started talking to him, offering him power, & trying to be as tempting as possible to him.

Fast forward a couple games, they decided the person who wanted them to get the necklace might be the bigger problem given free reign & are transporting her to someone who might be able to help them decide. The player has asked to pickup the commune skill on 289/290 of the fate core book & I told him it would be 2 refresh with two spirits like the example Sujan but less benevolent.

What are some example spirits/abilities for them that you guys can think of?

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I made some improvements to the fate core character sheet. The first time I posted this, there were some broken/missing/deleted bits I messed up on, this link is a fixed version with a quick & dirty copy/paste/resize png of the end result

is a link where some weird ghosting/erasing of things was fixed. since the dropbox preview seems to fuckup everything made in pdfxchange (as opposed to the car payment expensive adobe equivalebt), I've posted it as a zip

I made an improved 2 page version of the fate core character sheet. the main differences are:
* consequences section expanded with more dfrpg type layout to aid characters with extra consequences
stress tracks have been moved & now there are stress tracks for physical, social, & other because sometimes characters * develop to need a third type of stress track.
On the second page(or back if your printer does it), there is a number of useful things.
** A large textbox allowing you to fill in details of the stunts/extras you just have named on the front/first page
**The ladder,
**breakdown on where physique/will adds extra stress boxes & consequences from them.
**Most of the bits & bobs from the cheat sheet we are all familiar with (four actions/outcomes/etc)
**what you can do with fate points.
**timeframes for recovery of stress & various consequences by type.

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I came across this great video that really seemed to help one of my players who was having some extreme difficulty adjusting to his first ttrpg in my fate game. Even more interestingly about it is that he effectively talks about & urges players to get proactive/dramatic/competant & work to solve a seemingly impossible problem with some creativity. An awesome example of conceed>declare>declare>compelled trouble is included when he talks about indiana jones & spielberg. Indy turns around to see dozens/hundreds of savages intent on unpleasant things & he runs away/conceeds instead of turning to spielberg & calling him a hack. Indy spends a fate point to declare there to be a cliff up there & a challenge or contest follows to the cliff, indy looks down & sees a zillion foot drop over a sheer cliff & again does the dramatic bit of proactive competance by jumping off knowing and/or declaring that the plane is coming by to land on... only for gm Spielberg to grin with evil & wave a fate point to bring a snake into existence against Indy's trouble.... almost anyone has seen that scene or can grasp it without context, and it neatly covers so many different parts of fate in clearly dramatic & proactive ways over and over in the span of just a couple minutes :D

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Someone recently posted a bunch of GM screens they use for a starwars FAE game they run, but since I run a fate core game & my loadable screen thing is letter (tall pages) rather than landscape (wide pages), I went ahead and put one together that covers a lot of stuff. feedback is appreciated
each page has a nice big Fate Core logo watermark to make "is this the Fate Game?" an easily seen thing from a distance along with a rainbow of "Be Proactive, Dramatic, Competent, & Interesting" done with FiFo to the 4 so it reads the same left to right & top to bottom in the hopes of nudging my players..
included are Page numbers, details on Stunts, Compels, The 4 actions, Recovery, Conceding, Getting Taken Out, earning & spending fate points, outcomes, challenges/contests/conflicts, & skills for Fate Core, Morts, Mindjammer, & Blood on the trail along with a blank watermarked page because I simply couldn't think of anything else to cram in on the GM side.

- Again, feedback is appreciated

I made a little thing to help get good threats from players that might be new. Basically it asks them 4 questions & I was interested in what people think.

Threat Name:
What do they want/What goals do they have:
What Resources, Powers, Knowledge, and/or abilities do they use for their goals.
Who/what do you think is their face & what is his/her role in that threat
How/when/where are they found

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Hi guys,
I'm in the works of creating a number of (free) adventure modules for the heck of it & wanted to get some feedback on the style & such before I continue in ways that may or may not to turn out better left to the circular filing cabinet. The goal was to create something that can function as a guide for a newbie gm starting to run fate with a little more guidance than a world/setting book without guiding them towards shackling the players to some rails like a traditional premade module tends to do.

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I made a map for the places mentioned in Morts. Included is .png, .pdf, & the .pdn ( version of .psd)used to create it.

Originally I started taking a detailed map & filling in noted stuff, but as I started with that headache I decided a simple rough outline of what would be then a modern version of the map seemed more fitting for the freeflow sandboxy nature I usually run. It also means that I can say "feel free to use it however you want"
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