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Tawnie Duckett
I love the play of colors and fabric patterns and endless quilting designs :)
I love the play of colors and fabric patterns and endless quilting designs :)

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The Duck
After making the big poppy quilt I loved the precise piecing process of Ann Shaw quilt patterns. I picked this duck to make next and it's cheers me up when I see it on the wall. I love the colors too. I used all batiks to give it a natural look. Here are al...

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Pink Poppy
At last I finished this large poppy art quilt. It makes a very nice wall art pi ece. It's all piece d and then l ots of machine quilting. This is from a class I took from Ann Shaw through the Quilters Anonymous Q uilt G uild.
At first I thought wow this is...

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Winter Quilts for the Doggies
Our little Boston Terrier dogs love to snuggle under blankets most anytime. With their short hair they get cold easily so I figured it was time for new quilts for them for the cold winter days.   I really just
grabbed the first three colors in my stash tha...

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Quilting Lessons Learned
Quilting Lessons Learned Every quilt and sewing project I make I learn something new. Sometimes it's a great short cut, and other times it's a lesson learned on what not to do! Here are some of the things I have learned recently: Curved Piecing Sew slowly a...

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Four Patch Blocks Lap Quilt
This is an old fashioned pattern with the 4-patch blocks laid out on point and then sewn in strips with a large strip between the rows. There may be a name for the block layout but I haven't been able to find it. This quilt called for "vintage" fabrics whic...

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Day of the Dead Art Quilts
I love getting out the day of the dead art quilts this time of the year. I still want to make more of these. I love all the colors and designs.   I'm enjoying Fall and natures colors this time of the year. It helps with all of the rain in the Seattle area.

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It's okay to have lots of fabrics in your stash
There I said it....It's okay to have lots of fabrics in your stash! Do you know why it's okay, because you never know what color combination will jump out at you just by seeing them in your fabric collection. T hink about the last day you may have been snow...

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Hot Summer Quilt
love rich vibrant colors and tend to select those at the fabric stores
and online shops. But I learned in a quilt they also need contrast with
darks, lights, or contrasting colors. Why is that? It allows your eyes
to better see the vibrant colors as t...

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I Love Charm Packs
Charm packs are pre-cut 5" x 5" squares of different fabrics and usually around 40 squares in a pack. I think they are one of the best creati ons for quilters. This quilt is mad e from one charm pack and white fab ric. One day I discovered charm packs and w...

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I Love Tulips Art Quilt
I Love Tulips is a tiny art quilt that I started making after thinking about some of my favorite of which are tu lips. I know is Spring as soon as th ey sprout up through the g round. I used different techniques and mat erials. For the stems I...
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