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Mark Papadakis
Bytes conjurer; seeking knowledge 24x7. Simple is Beautiful. Proud father.
Bytes conjurer; seeking knowledge 24x7. Simple is Beautiful. Proud father.

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I think I 'll give Google+ a new honest try. Here goes nothing.

I wonder if anyone is reading this - if any of those 900+ followers are actual humans. 

I really like google+, but that UI, sluggish, often times all over the place. Why does it have to be so slow? Google can do better and should do better. So many interesting folks and great content here and the UI just drives people away. Simplify and optimize please. ("Optimize it and they will come")

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In v0.12.0 you can paste cURL commands into the URL bar! Wow, that's awesome right?! #webdevelopment  
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Most likely a broad, vague statement. It may be about blocking some protocols based on handshake patterns/fingerprints or even known ports but extremely unlikely there is more to it that that.
Anyone know how China is blocking VPNs? Simply blocking frontend IPs or something more sophisticated?

Via +The New York Times​.

I love many things about Google+, but there is something about the presentation that keeps me from using it frequently - also, the fact that the frequency of updates from folks I am interested in is dropping exponentially every month (seems like it -- maybe they are all moving to something else?) doesn't help.

Google should be able to address this somehow, and what's even more important, try to get users to use it providing some real benefits.

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Excellent BBC documentary on, plenty of fun historical tidbits, quite critical in parts, very well done.
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