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Internet!  At home!  I'm a real person again.

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After a very good start, the rate of signatures to the open access petition at the White House has slowed down to the point where, unless it speeds up again, the target of 25,000 will not obviously be reached, and ceratinly not surpassed by miles -- which was the hope. There have been just over 100 signatures since the beginning of today (which, by my calculations, means eight hours ago in Washington DC). If you haven't signed, then, unless you disagree with the petition, please take the short time needed to do so. And if you have, how about spreading the word?!/petition/require-free-access-over-internet-scientific-journal-articles-arising-taxpayer-funded-research/wDX82FLQ

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So yeah, I'm giving a webinar tomorrow. In case you're curious, this is what I actually do:

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Oh wow, so this article brings up things I've wondered about before, in terms of classroom management. I feel like someone I know might have previously shared an article somewhere about how our educational system is designed to squelch creativity because of its disruptive effect on planned curricula, and sorry for not remembering who or giving credit, but that is where the argument in the essay described below resonates with me.

Primary/Secondary(/Post-secondary?) teachers seem condemned to try to limit the agency/independence of their students. The "there will be no keeping him" sentiment -- we must all have encountered students (as students ourselves or as educators) who are smart enough to really make the material their own and to try to stretch the boundaries of the assignments and lessons and courses that are provided to them, and the systems we have often do not reward that instinct. Those students get penalized for failing to follow instructions, or they get removed from the system because they are interfering with the ability of others to learn (or, at least, to proceed in an orderly fashion from one achievement to the next).

Are there better ways? How do we reward people for independent thought and action while acknowledging that, on a practical level, education is bound to a goal-directed system and, at least as it stands, requires cooperation among students and teachers to accomplish those goals?

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Finally got my personal cloud working! This just made my break.

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I really like that I now have a account.
OFFICIAL White House petition to veto the #SOPA bill. I just signed it.

Go here: and please re-share. And if anything deserves to be in the What's Hot Stream, this is it. Come on people. It's our internet.

EDIT: 8:54pm EST 10,246 signatures.
EDIT: 9:54pm EST 11,631 signatures.
EDIT:10:13pm EST 12,048 signatures.

I think when I say I need a vacation, what I really mean is that I need more adventure in my life.

Hmm. No Halloween costume ideas yet, which puts me behind. Suggestions welcome.

Hey, Google+. Why can't I click on my education info and search for other people who listed those schools during those time periods? I don't really have to find everyone one by one, do I?
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