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How To Achieve Time Freedom #Day1 to #Day5

There are a couple of reasons why most clients decide to partner up with a virtual assistant:

* Time Freedom
* Business Growth

Before we can talk about the growth and achieving the goals you have for your business, you need to reclaim some time. Just as important, you need to guard these hours you claim back against more noise. Here’s a simple strategy we use with new clients:

Day 1 Actions

Today I want you to take five minutes to envision having the time you need to make the changes you need to your business. Can you imagine what your day would be like? Now hold onto that, that’s one of the outcomes you are working towards now that you’ve partnered with a virtual assistant.

Note down every task you do for the entire day. Against each task note how long it takes you and if you’re the only person who could do this task (or could it be outsourced?).

At the end of the day, calculate how much time you’d have if you were to delegate those tasks you identified.

Day 2 to Day 5 Actions

Repeat the actions for day 1.

This time, if you come across any tasks repeated from previous day(s), document the process as you go. There are a number of tools to help you do this including a procedural tool such as Sweet Process, capturing your screen using video or screenshots with Jing, writing the process down on a piece of paper and emailing a photo of the paper to your VA to type up, or communicating verbally with your VA via Skype, zoom or a simple phone call. Note: these procedures form the start of your business operations manual which your VA will continue to build. That way you retain your IP while your VA is able to help look for efficiencies in your processes.

At the end of each day, note how much time you’ve saved by outsourcing these tasks. Set aside that ‘saved’ amount of time in your calendar tomorrow and allocate it to one of the tasks or projects you have had on the back-burner (because you’ve been too busy with the day to day running of your business!).

Repeat the above actions on a monthly or bi-monthly cycle. Go on, pop it into your calendar now as a recurring event. Continue to reschedule the time you get back (now you’re outsourcing those tasks you don’t have to do yourself) and allocate it to projects only you can do.

Projects where you are adding value to your business.
Projects you’ve been putting off and getting frustrated over … because you have been caught up IN your business.

By week two you should already notice the implications of having more time freedom.

For more tips on working with your new virtual assistant, download our free ebook “Effortlessly Manage Your Business“

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Working in a service industry where the emphasis is on customer service, we all have a tendency to say yes. To show a can do attitude. It’s what we do.
Sometimes though, it’s not in the clients best interest for you to be a yes man.
Here’s some ways to say no in a positive way, leaving your client with a better outcome.

Great customer service sometimes starts with a ‘no’
Let’s look at the cornerstones of customer intimacy:

Solid communication (includes listening!)
Willingness to problem solve
Putting a plan to action to achieve best possible outcome
Your clients have to be able to communicate with you in a clear and efficient manner. They want to be heard and understood. They want to know that as a business you are listening to them, but they also want you to solve or fulfil whatever request they have come with. Though they may come to you with a solution or request that they came up with, they will always be open and eager to hear your take on the matter. Above all, once you have come up with a solution that works for them, they want you to put that plan into action!

Notice how saying yes is not part of the equation? If you simply say yes to everything you are putting at risk the last step, which is to put your plans into action, and if you can’t come through on all your promises then by default you have delivered bad customer service. Thus, saying no is NOT bad customer service.

Good customer service relies on solving problems, even if the solution is not what your client has offered.

But don’t say no, say …
The best method we have found for easing a client into a “no” scenario is by offering them a counter offer to their demands.


A client asks you to do a PowerPoint presentation today and you have a full day already. Their presentation is on Friday (it’s Tuesday!).
You reply to the client, “Rather than rush to get you the presentation back today, I’d love an extra day (delivering to you late Wednesday) so I can get our graphic designer to spend 90 minutes working on a layout that will wow your audience. Then I can pop the copy into the new layout and get our QC person to proof before we get this back to you. That way you get a new template to use for future presentations, this presentation will blow your audience away (rather than a rush job if I turn it around too quickly), and we have time to ensure the presentation is 100% proofed and ready to go. This still gives you Thursday to practice and let us know if you have any last minute tweaks.”

A client asks you to send an offer to an email list they’ve purchased.
You reply to the client, “I’m worried that sending an email to a list that hasn’t opted in to receive emails from you would be detrimental to your brand. It’s also illegal under anti-spamming legislation. Instead of sending out an email, how about we promote your offer using a landing page to a look-a-like audience (based on this list you’ve purchased) in a Facebook campaign? That way we can capture their names and email addresses legitimately and follow up with an automated email sequence to take these leads through your sales funnel. Outcome for you is a qualified list of prospects, a paid campaign sequence we can repeat in the future and we’ve promoted and increased the reach of your brand message. How does that sound?”

Outcome when you say no the right way
By offering alternatives we:

Deliver a better outcome for our clients
Manage our own workloads
It’s not easy! It’s a matter of getting into the habit when you’re asked something by a client of taking a minute to think about the request.

When you’re working in that constant headspace of ‘can do’, sometimes it’s about taking yourself away and moving to ‘can do better’.

Your clients don’t want a yes man. They want to achieve a goal, whether that’s more prospects or a presentation with wow factor. It’s your job to give them the best possible outcome based on your experience.

Happy you. Happy client.

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Please share your top tip on what you’ve done to make your own team a good one.

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We are seeing more and more clients looking at leveraging their services through online launches. Are you - and are you confident in your prep?

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Have you come across this tool - fabulous for finding those elusive email addresses online.

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Am I on the right track? What challenges are you facing in your business ... right now? 

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