The Google Now Platform will do more than just tell you the traffic and update you on sports scores.

I haven't seen many/any articles on the potential of Google Now as a platform.

Sure Siri is "ok" and having something like Siri on a TV as an input paradigm would be very interesting. But it seems to me that limiting the potential of Google Now to what it can do just on your mobile is short sighted. 

For a while people have been talking about the internet of things. That future interconnectedness where all your appliances, vehicles etc are connected to the internet. 

It's possible (even probable) that Google Now becomes your personal control hub for everything connected in your life. And better than that, it'll be smart enough to automate most actions.

- Google Now will set your alarm for the morning.
- Show you the weather when you wake up.
- Turn the lights on upstairs and brew coffee for you.
- Warn you about traffic conditions in case you need to leave a bit earlier to get to work on time.
- Start and warm your car up on cold mornings a minute or so before you head outside.  
- Navigate the best route to work. And, thanks to Google's driverless cars, drive you there.
- Start your work computer a few minutes before you arrive at work.
- Give you options for lunch, drive you there.
- Remind you as you walk past the grocery store that a lightbulb is out in the downstairs hallway and you need to pick up a replacement... 

The list goes on, and on, and on. 

In this future scenario OS market share is more important that current profits, because whichever mobile (and embedded) OS has the most market share will be where these kind of advances take place. 
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