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Gas Fireplace - Basement Remodel
The fireplace.  I wanted a fireplace downstairs so we measured it out on every wall and  in every corner of the living room. How much space would it take up? How would we do the venting? etc.?  The gas line wasn't far and it wouldn't have taken much to tap ...

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Basement Living Room Reveal Before/After
The Basement Living Room is probably our most drastic change. Mostly because it went from a unfinished cold storage room to a beautiful, spacious, light, and airy Living Room!  I know what you all are thinking, what did we do with ALL THAT CRAP?? Clearly we...

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The biggest question of this entire project was how were we going to pay for it all? Clearly we are running out of space faster than we have been able to save money, three kids in three years will do that to you. If we were to wait until we could save enoug...

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Basement Remodel Beginnings
When we purchased our home almost 3.5 years ago it didn't have any of the things that were on our "wish list." Such as Trevor wanted a garage and I wanted a walk in master closet. But the second we walked in we were excited about it.We could feel it's poten...

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Merry Christmas 2015
The Christmas Season is upon us yet again. I love this time of year. I love all the family time and traditions. I especially love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am so grateful He was born.  It is also time for our traditional Christmas Card! If you are curiou...

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Darby Naomi Birth Story
Well she's 8 months so it's high time I share her birth story.  Darby Naomi Millar April 7, 2015 10:23AM 6lbs 14 oz 19.5" Lets start with the name, I really liked the name  Darby  even when we were pregnant with Ruthie. When I suggested the name Trevor call...

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Nelson Family
The Birth Story of Mari Karlene Nelson 10/24/14 Parents: Lindsey and Rob Nelson Told by: April Millar, doula A few days before baby Mari would
grace us with her presence, Lindsey was feeling pretty anxious that she was
fast approaching her due date and no b...

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Barbieri Family
Birth Story of Norah Capri Barbieri 10/9/14 Parents: Sarah &
Jake Barbieri Told by: April
Millar, doula             It was
clear Sarah and Jake were going to do everything they could to be fully
prepared for the birth of their first child. I met them about ...

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Peregrina Family
The Birth Story of Enzo Peregrina 8/15/14 Parents: Mallorie
& Mike Peregrina Told by: April
Millar, doula               I was so
happy to have met Mallorie and Mike, It seemed as though everything aligned and
they ended up in my HypnoBirthing class. We got ...
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