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Is there any way of typing Android specific keys on the Twiddler3? By Android specific keys, I'm referring to volume up/down, menu, home, and the camera key. I checked out the Twiddler Tuner but don't know how I'd refer to one of these Android specific keys.

When making watch faces, you should scale your resources to the dimensions of the watch you're using. In doing so, can you assume a watch is a square or a circle, or should you also handle rectangular shapes?

I'm planning on submitting an app to MyGlass but apparently I need a privacy policy. What is the best way of getting a privacy policy? Can I write it myself, perhaps based on a template? Should I get a lawyer to approve it? All advice appreciated.

Does anyone know how to make a notification on wear that doesn't have a content title? Just like in the timer and stopwatch cards.

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Am I just being pedantic or does anyone agree that you should extend BaseAdapter instead of ArrayAdapter if you make a custom ListView?

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I have an app that uses Analytics v4 and Proguard. The crash reports in Analytics v4 indicate the obfuscated class name of the root exception but do not contain its package name. Without the package name, you can't deobfuscate the class name, so you end up not knowing where the hell the exception occurred. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Analytics v4 is very poorly documented, but I was able to figure out a solution, which I discuss in this blog post.

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This tutorial shows your glassware can use menus and voice recognition for input with the GDK. The example code lets you add and remove items to and from a grocery list glassware.

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