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CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - Astronauts aboard the International Space Station captured Space Exploration Technologies' Dragon cargo ship on Friday, the first privately owned vehicle to reach the orbital outpost.
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Sewell Road, Sewell, NJ, United States
  • Washington Township HS
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Squid eye is sperm whale defence

The vast eyes of giant and colossal squid have evolved to give them early warning of sperm whales, their only predator, scientists show.

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Japanese researchers claim success in creating a third atom of the element, after nine years of searching

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Besieged by a fungus that takes over their brains then erupts from their heads, rain forest ants have an unlikely ally—another fungus.

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Virginia Edmonds, standing in shallow water, used her legs to slowly nudge an ailing young manatee to one side of a treatment pool.

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Thousands of jumbo squid have beached themselves along the coast of Monterey Bay, Calif., and some scientists have blamed the behavior on le

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Sick and malnourished sea lion pups are stranding themselves on Southern California beaches in some of the largest numbers seen in over a de

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Just in time for swimsuit season, federal researchers are touting a faster, more accurate water-quality test to keep beaches open and people

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ROME (Reuters) - Scientists have criticized an Italian government decree allowing a group of terminally-ill patients to continue using an un

Oceans may explain slowdown in climate change: study

OSLO (Reuters) - Climate change could get worse quickly if huge amounts of extra heat absorbed by the oceans are released back into the air,