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Beat the Heat
This isn’t so much interesting as it is useful.  So being from the Fresno area means a few things: you drive everywhere, someone in your family has a truck, and you deal with temperatures reaching at least 105 every summer.  However, after moving to San Lui...

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Quick Challenge
I just started my first week at Cal Poly and have been going through what is called the Week of Welcome, or WOW.  Basically, it’s a week of icebreakers, boring presentations, fun activities, and wild parties.  However, one of the days we went through an exh...

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Not to Skimp: Investments
     Everyone likes to save a buck.  You go to thrift stores, you clip coupons, and you poach for sales.  But there are a few items that you simply can't cheap out on and you really need to have.  In my short 18 years, these are the items I've found that I ...

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Starbucks Secrets
images taken directly off of the Starbucks website and are owned by Starbucks       If you didn't know that Starbucks has a secret menu, now you do.  A pretty huge one at that.  But really, the "secret menu" is just asking for any drink with different combi...

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Back to school: iPad Must-Haves
     While some may dread the thought
of the back to school season, others (like me) are inexplicably excited.
 You get to be social instead of lying in bed all day on the computer, you
get to buy cute, new school supplies, and you get to start fresh by get...

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For my first post, I decided to write about the thing that I
love doing most – Knitting.  I have been
knitting for about two years now and I am still obsessed with it.   To share it with everyone and get the beginners
started, I've compiled a “How to”, “Beg...

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