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Our Spark and Beauty

The poem on my mind sings of the love for humankind
Its message is for giving, beauty and peace for the living
Comprises a bundle of hope, may we always ever cope
With life’s journey of ups and downs, any frowns turn right side round

We’re all in this together
Relentless in every weather
In every tide that turns
Floods with opportunities to learn

Our lives are a precious story, filled with our passion and our glory
All of us are truly one, inseparable under the sun
And yet we’re exquisitely unique, it’s only our expression that we seek
Revealing the spark that guides us, ignites the beauty inside us

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International Women’s Day ~ 8-3-2018

Celebrate every woman in the world
It’s International Women’s Day
And not just on this but every day
Each woman has a story to tell

Bearing power and inner beauty so bright
An innate intelligence; intuitive guiding light
Attuned to listen to and follow their hearts
Gifts that often set us apart

No need to be JK Rowling or Oprah too
Mia Farrow, Angelina Jolie, to name just a few
Being a woman making a difference: that’s me and you
May we always give to life our Beautiful Truth
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All we need to know

The breath flows in and out
Like waves gently moving forward and back
The ocean rises with the ebb and flow
Of the moon, its cycle… So much more than a milky glow

The wings of a bird glide in the wind
Its call causes the heart to quieten and sing
We wonder where the birds do fly
As they make their journey across the sky

And what is it that makes our heart beat?
A magical mysterious unanswerable feat
Perhaps all we need to know
With love in our hearts we will always grow
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Beyond Bliss

An interesting destination
Aiming beyond bliss
Moving past imagination
Beyond a divine kiss

The mind in infinite acceleration
Flying amongst the stars
A freeing liberation
All the universe is ours

More than our dreams are fulfilled
Dreams we didn’t even know we had
A state beyond immeasurable ecstasy
Our limitless selves are glad

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Bella Bunny Rat ~ 7-01-2018

You left the world with grace and ease
Lying in your penthouse suite
On top of the cage, never in the cage
Your life was such a treat

You melted us with such sweet charm
Your presence was a healing balm
Soothing our hearts with your bright love
So sad we had to part

But off you fly Bella Bunny Rat
To meet up with our eight other girls
Your sister Sprinkly Sparkles will be there too
We can imagine the mischief you’ll all get into


(The term for a group of rats is called ‘a mischief’)
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all dear friends
We’re almost at another years’ end
Before we get there Christmas is a time
To give our love, spend some time

With our loved ones or people new
There’s no telling what caring can do
Uplifts the spirit, brings good cheer
Reminds us that we are one family dear

Merry Christmas all dear friends
Share the love in your heart and merriment

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Daily Treat

Observing the wind blowing its path through leafy trees
Feeling the play of the wind on my face and my knees
Taking in the sun when the wind takes a moment to ease
Absorbing the elements of nature is a daily treat

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Our Focus

Every moment we can find the light
Even when we’re down and answers seem out of sight
We have the ability to find a way
Choose to remain in the mire or make way for the day

What we focus on will come to be
Will our manifestations benefit humanity?
Our thoughts and beliefs affect our health
Our powerful attention can bring about wealth

Our subconscious mind is the key
Unlocking our limitations brings liberty
Breaking the habit of the past
Each day is anew with potential so vast
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Our Only One

Nature is always on display
If only we remember to look Her way
Less on the feet when walking down the street
Looking on Her beauty is more than a treat

The very fabric of Her giving keeps us alive
Without Her, not more than a second, could we survive
Because we are nature, we are one
In our own ways, we are as brilliant as the moon and the sun

Remembering to acknowledge nature is a way
To bring more meaning to the essence of our day
We are nature, on Mother Earth living as one
Let’s cherish Her, She is our only one
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Although your presence has left our eyes
Your essence now fills our reflective skies
When we contemplate the beauty of your life
A life you lived so fully in your steady stride

The impact of you being has been so great
96 years of living we celebrate
Although never enough time to share our love
Each moment was a blessing especially when we rose above

The trials and tribulations that come with living
Precious Nanna you were oh so very giving
Nothing was too much with your words, ‘we’ll get there’
Thank you forever for your care

May our energies merge in whatever comes
We’re only a breath away when it’s all said and done
The in-breath and out-breath fuels the living
The final out-breath is the one
When our energies might go swimming
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