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Mike “PanFrie” McMahon


A thing my friend made that you should all watch! IMO, it's pretty awesome.
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Rainbow six Siege beta code

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+Carl Ryder init man.. Fuckin wastemans. This was my last try for ubisoft after the watch dogs bullshit. Im done with them now.. Cant even send a god dam email out pshhhhh
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Mike “PanFrie” McMahon

Mechanix ... what was that noise? Is something burning?  - 
Pulled the fuel pump out of my SV over the weekend because the top 20% of my throttle has been bogging down lately. Removed the pump from the filter and pumped some gas backwards through the filter. The dirty fluid in the pictures is the outcome of that, minus what sprayed out of the jar and right at my friend who was helping. The full range on my throttle works again now xD
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+Laura England​ My best guess is tank crud from having stored it outside for a couple winters. The images actually make it look a bit worse than it was.
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welp :(

Time for a new phone...
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+Be Chego yep, went with the g3. Liking it so far. Took a bit to figure out where the buttons were lol
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Mike “PanFrie” McMahon

Mechanix ... what was that noise? Is something burning?  - 
So I'm still having troubles with my bikes fuel system. A couple months ago I moved back to my parents house, and while i was riding my bike over I got down to a top speed of 25 km/h. It hurt me so bad to be going as fast as I could possibly go, not be able to get above first gear, and have a BICYCLE pass me...

As a result I haven't been out riding since... ugh.

So over the weekend i pulled out the filter again. Tried to manually pump some methyl-hydrate through it and could barely get anything through. So I've resigned to needing a new one. But I REALLY don't want to spend 300$ on a new one. I'd also like to avoid EVER needing to do this again.

For those unfamiliar with the fuel filter for the SV650 (and seemingly most suzuki sport / sport touring bikes), it is INSIDE the gas tank, attached to the fuel pump. Images are below. It's also not supposed to open.

So I cut the top off the filter housing so I could at least see the crappy filter. (image 2). What I'd like to do is this:
- Dispose of the old filter ONLY
- Epoxy the filter housing back together
- Put the fuel pump / filter assembly back into the gas tank
- OUTSIDE of the gas tank add an in-line fuel filter that can withstand 43psi (the operating pressure of the fuel system)

Alternatively I could try to find one of those filter cartridges and just put that in the old casing. But again, I never want to need to do this again... its a PITA to empty the tank, remove it, pull out the pump/filter assembly then dismantle the whole thing. Then again, this bike has 95000 km on it, giving that 300$ filter a whopping 1/3 of a cent per km.

Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?
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+Mike McMahon that's good news 
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Anyone else?
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+Peter Hermann​ extra 5 mil in motorsport 6. Bought the van cause its cheap and easy to get to in the store
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For working in tech support, I'm always astounded at how little troubleshooting people can do when its them having a problem... (Referring to people I work with)
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I love fireworks night!

Its the only night I get to skate down riverside drive while dodging thousands of people going in both directions, including people on bikes, other people on roller blades, police on motorcycles and event workers in golf carts. Almost all of which I am going faster than...

Its a great time!
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It's a good thing it wasn't cork. Good luck to you. I hope it goes together easily.  And then doesn't leak.
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It would seem that my clutch died on me on my way out for a ride to my dads for a father's day surprise... Should be fun to fix... Now to push my bike home...
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What a little cutie!
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Riding, climbing, programming. Being awesome.
Going places and doing things.
I am:
A nice person (or at least I try to be)
A ninja
A zombie (by the given logic, I am a zombie.  Funny story, ask me about it sometime.)
A big MS Excel nerd and SQL junkie.

Things I enjoy:
- Riding my motorcycle (Currently own a 2004 Suzuki SV650s, previously rode a 1987 Honda CBX250)

- Playing video games

- Watching cartoons (Cmon, EVERYONE likes cartoons.  Otherwise something is wrong with you.)

- Shooting guns and cannons.  Big bangs are nice :)

- My cat.  I found him outside my church on fathers day a few years ago and kept him.

- Camping / Hiking.  As much as it may not seem like it, I love the outdoors.

- Travelling.  Visiting new places is great.  Doing it as cheaply as possible with no time frame for things is even better.  I will at some point make it over to Europe and either backpack through most of it, or get a motorcycle and do it.
Here is a list of all the places I've been to!

- Looking at random artwork.  I am an awful artist (actually at making ANYTHING look good), but I really enjoy looking at other people's works.  From photography, to drawings and paintings, to digital imagery and 3d art, to sculptures and architecture.  If it looks nice / interesting, there is a very good chance I'll like it.
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I have anosmia. Rode to all 4 corners of the US, without a GPS, or getting a ticket.
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