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Wow we are going foward in this world
#Linux #Mint 14 released: It’s like Windows 8, minus the bad bits

The developers behind the #Ubuntu-based Linux Mint distribution have announced the immediate availability of Mint 14 #Nadia. The new release brings a number of incremental under-the-hood improvements and tweaks. It combines the Linux 3.5 #kernel, Ubuntu 12.10 base, and the latest versions of the #MATE 1.4 and #Cinnamon 1.6 desktop environments. The edition of Linux Mint 14 with the Cinnamon desktop is particularly interesting as it has created a hybrid between Ubuntu’s HUD interface and the traditional Gnome UI that is as usable and fluid as ever.

As a result of Mint being based upon the Ubuntu distribution, many of the back-end features present in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal are carried over to the new Mint release. That includes the Linux 3.5.0-17 kernel, which in turn is based on the upstream 3.5.5 kernel. You will not find Unity or Gnome 3 in this Mint distribution, however. Instead, Mint offers MATE 1.4 — the continuation of Gnome 2 — and Cinnamon 1.6 along with Gnome Classic that are all selectable from the log-in screen.
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