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Driving While Intoxicated Lawyer
Driving While Intoxicated Lawyer

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Are you unsure of the rights you have after a DWI arrest? Are you nervous of the consequences you could be facing? Allow our firm to provide you with answers to the questions you have and calm your concerns as you move forward. As The DWI Trial Guy™ for Collin County, Texas, you can rely on Attorney Troy Burleson to defend your rights from start to finish. Click below to find out more!

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Have you recently been arrested for a DWI in Collin County, Texas? Do not assume that you have no rights and must plead guilty. This is simply not true. As a qualified Collin County DWI, I am not only knowledgeable on Texas State laws when it comes to drunk driving charges, I am prepared to help defend your case! You have certain rights under the constitution that should not be overlooked. Additionally there are numerous defenses for DUI charges and I encourage you to not become discouraged. Act quickly as you only have 15 days after an arrest to protect your license and contact my office as soon as possible. I have had experienced obtaining over 170 “not guilty” trial verdicts for past clients and you could be next. Fill out the free case evaluation on my site today to learn more about what I can do for you to protect your rights!

Have you lost a loved one due to another person’s negligent
actions? It could be considered a case of wrongful death if another party’s
reckless activities or unsafe premises were the cause of the untimely death.
Recently, a couple was on a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale when they rented dune
buggies to explore the island they had stopped at. Unfortunately they crashed
into a metal guardrail while they were out driving around and both died
immediately. Compensation could be available for the families of both of the loved
ones that passed, especially with the help of the right personal injury
attorney. Click below to read more about what my firm can do for you:

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Arrested for a DWI and in need of a solid defense? As an attorney certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, I am fully capable of investigating and determining evidence to help diminish or dismiss your charges. In both breath and blood assessments, as well as field sobriety tests, there are multiple errors that can occur causing innocent drivers to be charged with unjust accusations. Many physical factors such as diabetes, certain diets, illnesses or injuries can alter test results in a negative way. Law officers do not always accurately read the equipment or do not perform the tests according to the correct standard. All of these reasons can be helpful in providing solid proof on your behalf. To learn more about other items that may attribute to your faulty results, please check out the DWI defense page below. Contact my office immediately for a free consultation so that I can begin to assist you right away!

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Have you been arrested for driving while intoxicated? Do you feel confused, stressed and anxious? Do not let these thoughts overwhelm you because there is help available. At my firm, it is our goal to provide each of our clients with knowledgeable answers to some of the most pressing concerns they have regarding DWI accusations. It is important to take a step back and look at your case before jumping into anything. Before you simply run to law officers giving a personal statement about case because you are afraid of consequences, contact my office to learn what I can do to work with you towards an amicable solution. Click below to read more about frequently asked questions and other pertinent information:

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Often when an individual is arrested for driving under the influence, he or she may not realize the ramifications of their charges. At my firm, I believe that it is important to inform each individual about what happens in the aftermath of a DWI and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes people can make. It is never a good idea to take your accusations as a simple matter, not worthy of much time or effort. Drivers may not understand that if they are convicted of even one DWI, they could lose their license for up to one year! Be sure that you have obtained the proper legal assistance so that you can combat your charges in the best way possible. Never attempt to drive without your drivers’ license if it has been suspended and abide by basic traffic laws. There are additional tips and things to avoid that I have detailed out on my site, so please feel free click below to read more:

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