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Zoe Tillman
D.C. courts reporter for the National Law Journal/Legal Times
D.C. courts reporter for the National Law Journal/Legal Times

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Poached Egg Over Peas, Beans and Asparagus
Lately I'm loving frozen peas and beans. Having them in the freezer gives me so many more options for quick weeknight dinners. Pop 'em in the microwave for a minute and boom, you've got some really versatile vegetables. I'm a sucker for anything with a poac...

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Apples and Chicken Sausage
I don't eat much sausage, but occasionally chicken sausage is a tasty and easy weeknight option. This recipe combines sweet sauteed apples with wilted spinach and seared sausage. It's hearty, but not heavy. Plus it takes no time to make, and involves just o...

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Kale and Beans on Toast
This is easily my new favorite weeknight recipe. It hits all the right notes - garlicky, spicy kale and beans on perfectly toasted toast. The splash of fresh lemon juice at the end brings everything together and adds some much needed acid to the earthiness ...

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Barley Soup with Kale
You can't go wrong when the base layer of a soup is crisped cured pork. It infuses everything else with a little smoky pork-iness. And other than that, the soup is vegetable-laden and healthy and doesn't feel heavy at all. This recipe also makes a ton of fo...

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Indian-Spiced Chicken
After spending nearly two hours simmering in a heavily spiced broth, the chicken in this dish is fall-off-the-bone tender and loaded with flavor. Sky and I are both suckers for Indian food, so this spiced chicken with potatoes and spinach was a big hit. The...

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Stuffed Mushrooms
Mushrooms are one of those vegetables that's meaty enough to pull off being a main dish. The mushroom-ness of this dish is heightened even more by the fact that there are chopped up mushroom stems in the stuffing-as my co-worker Todd phrased it, it's like "...

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Puff Pastry with Onions and Apples
I made these little sweet and savory puff pastry squares for a New Year's Eve party (I know I'm a little late in posting!) and they seemed to go over well. I liked the different layers of flavor and texture-the crispy, buttery puff pastry and the sweet and ...

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Curried Sweet Potato Gratin
Sky and I went up to Vermont in December to spend the holidays with his family, which was a lot of fun. His Aunt Callie roasted a turkey while we were there, so we volunteered to make the sides: curried sweet potato gratin and brussel sprouts. I'm a sucker ...

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Lentils with Sweet Potatoes
Is this the prettiest dish I've ever made? No, it isn't. But what it lacks in looks it more than makes up for it in depth of flavor and comforting, hearty warmth on a cold night. It's also super easy to make-everything just goes in the crockpot-and lasts fo...

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Carrot Cookies
You're probably thinking, Carrots? In a cookie? Really? But stay with me - they taste shockingly like completely normal cookies, with a little extra something. I had four large carrots left in the fridge after making a stew, and had no idea what to do. I go...
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