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Senior Care: Appropriate Hand Exercises for Your Loved One

Does your hand feel stiff? Do not worry because there is something you can do about it. The following are essential exercises you need to perform daily in order to improve your hand movement and flexibility.

1.Squeeze the ball. For this exercise, make sure to use a rubberized ball that is as small as a tennis ball. With your palm wide, gradually grasp the ball and squeeze it. Hold the squeezing position for 10 seconds and slowly release it. Repeat this 10 times.

2.Close-open. Spread your fingers wide. Then close it slowly and open it again. Repeat this routine 10 times.

3.Lift the finger. Lay your palm flat on your table. After, lift one finger without moving your other fingers. Do this with all your five fingers. Make sure to repeat this five times for each of your fingers.

However, before you let your elderly loved one execute these hand exercises it is best to consult a healthcare professional to check if it is advisable for them to perform.

To further learn about the proper exercises for seniors, you can visit Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC at

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3 Common Reasons Why Seniors Get into Fall-Related Accidents

1.Loss of vision.
2.Medication side effects.
3.Poor bone structure and weak muscles.

Here at Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, we make sure to keep your loved one safe while you take care of your other priorities. For inquiries, call us at 909-764-9431. Let the professionals take care of your elderly loved one now!


Parkinson’s Care from a Home Care Provider in CA

Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC is composed of a team of professionals who has vast knowledge and understanding of Parkinson’s patient care. For inquiries, call us at 909-764-9431 now!


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Why is it Called Alzheimer's Disease? #healthcare #homecare #alzheimers

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Five Essential Traits Every Caregiver Should Possess

Caring is a skilled profession. In order to become one, you need to qualify for it. Below are some essential traits that every caregiver should have:

Old age, disability, and illness can cause someone to act grumpy. There are also times when routines cannot go as smoothly as planned. But caregivers must learn how to keep their cool, no matter how frustrating the situation is.

Not all patients can communicate their needs effectively. But even without words, caregivers are expected to perceive the needs and desires of the patient.

Every caregiver should know how to empathize. They should have personal understanding and connection to whatever the patient is going through.

Caregivers should have a cheerful personality. They should incorporate fun activities into their patient's daily routine.

Above all, caregivers should be in love with their profession. The key to providing high-quality services is to love what you are doing.
At Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, we help you find the right caregiver. Our caregivers are well-experienced in bedside care and one-on-one patient care. To get more information, feel free to contact us at 909-764-9431.

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Senior Safety: Ways to Prevent Fall Accidents in Elders
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that falls are the leading cause of injury and death among Americans over sixty years old. Prevent this from happening by:
1. Wearing slip-resistant shoes.
2. Removing any clutters.
3. Installing assistive device in the bathroom.
4. Installing nightlights in the hallways.

For homecare services, visit us at #Healthcare #FallPrevention #ElderlyCare

Top Five Board Games that are Good for Seniors’ Memory
Keep your mind active as you age by engaging in activities that help stimulate your memory. Below are some board games seniors may find entertaining:

1. Crossword Puzzle
2. Bingo
3. Scrabble
4. Chess
5. Connect Four
Stay tuned for more fun and helpful tips by liking and following Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC on Facebook. Visit #BoardGames #MemoryEnhancer

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The Truth about Dandruff and Elders: to Shampoo or Not to Shampoo?
Dry, flaky, and itchy scalp (commonly referred to as dandruff) are common among elders. Because of how discomforting the itchiness it brings, elders are provoked to scratch their scalp. As a result, it causes small cuts that might potentially result in an infection.
The question is: "How do you treat it? Do you have to shampoo your senior’s hair frequently?" To that, we answer in the affirmative.
You might have heard some people say that shampooing the hair often can strip the scalp and hair of its natural oils, which consequently causes dandruff. However, many dermatologists agree that one of the causes of dandruff is not shampooing the hair enough. This causes more oil and dead skin cells to accumulate on the scalp, which the yeast and fungi continue to feed on. Shampooing the hair helps get rid of all these specks of dirt. Do not use a regular shampoo. Opt for one that is formulated specifically for elders with dandruff.
Ask a doctor about the right shampoo for your senior loved one. At Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC, we provide for personal care services. Please contact us at 909-764-9431.

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What Every Elderly Parent Wants from Their Children is Love
Someone once said, “Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”
Give your senior parents the best care they deserve. We can help you with that. For the services we cater, visit our website! Golden Arch Home Healthcare LLC is a referral agency for home care services. #HomeCare #ElderlyCare #QuoteoftheDay

Proper Hygiene is Essential to Your Health and Overall Well-Being
Proper hygiene is more than just about looking good. It is about being healthy and well. We offer personal care services. Call 909-764-9431. #seniorcare #properhygiene
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