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Katharine Slonaker
Work hard, but enjoy the little things in life!
Work hard, but enjoy the little things in life!

"Meet the new Google+.Simpler, faster, better. Preview it today."

OK, I tried it. 
The normal type of posts I do - directing a specific circle and/or a person to a link not only are not "simpler" or "faster" (I leave "better" open to debate as that is subjective.), but are actually more complex and take longer.
Google, I am not impressed. #newgoogleplus  

9:22am Saturday – Office phone rings
Me: Hello?
Chirpy Female Voice: Hi! This is Lisa Kent.
Me: This is one of those crap calls isn't it?
Chirpy "Lisa Kent": Yes!
Me: laughter! [hang up]

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Found on Reddit, source unknown.

Google.  You have messed with Calendar.  I do NOT want you to automatically add a calendar which I can NOT remove.  Sure I can keep the entries from showing, but it is still sitting there, cluttering up the page.  I ALREADY HAVE ALL THE BIRTHDAYS I WANT TO REMEMBER LONG SINCE NOTED ON MY MAIN CALENDAR.
It has been a long, long time since any Google change has actually pleased me.  Most lately have gone the opposite way.

Dear Google.  If I WANTED my photos turned into "Stories" I would have initiated that myself.  Please leave choices like that to the individual with the account.  STOP MESSIN' WITH MY STUFF.  (It IS still MY stuff isn't it?)

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A nice reminder of how this stuff works for us non-scientist types.

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Add in the creepy factor of many of the eReaders feeding detailed information about your reading habits back to their Creators, and the points made in this article delineate pretty thoroughly why I will not purchase an eReader until things change.
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