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Angela Mccormick
I am a quilter living in Carrickfergus, County Antrim with my husband and two teenage children.
I am a quilter living in Carrickfergus, County Antrim with my husband and two teenage children.

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Modern Irish Bee March Block
I finally got my Bee blocks completed today. pattern at.. Or go to the Modern Irish Bee blog for a link to the You Tube tutorial.  An American man sewing as only an American man could sew. This ...

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Bleaching the birdies.
At the weekend I decided to have a long stare at my bird quilt that has been sitting about feeling unloved in every way possible.  I considered cutting it up into smaller pieces. But when thinking of where to cut I kept finding bits of it that I liked that ...

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thinking about Reflections
I have made my two blocks for the Modern Irish Bee and will pop them in the post tomorrow. I think the image is slightly blurred. Each of the squares finishes just one inch, so I'm glad it's only two blocks. I enjoyed piecing as I haven't done any patchwork...

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technophobe quilter
Quilt Finished and hanging on the line. Sorry for the rubbish pictures. I have actually worked myself into a bad mood doing this blog because I use my son's apple mac and it was upgraded and I am useless at tech stuff and got lost every which way I turned. ...

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Shallow snow.
Hello... Is there anybody there?????? It's me and my bird quilt here. Or my bird quilt and I. Yes we are still plodding along together ,but if there isn't completion soon I think one of us will jump out the window. And although there is snow on the ground I...

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Mission Cushion.
I was on Mission Cushion this week. Meaning I made two cushions for two lovely little girls on the ward. This involved zip insertion. Something I have avoided in the past. But alas, no more will the zip frighten me!    My daughter Beth photographed Sandra's...

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Blushing Tomatoes!
I have been gone ages and have not been near anyone else's blog for absolutely ages either. No excuse available. Just got out of the swing of it. However, a greenhouse could be an excuse. Or going on holiday and drinking a lot of wine. Generally flaffing ma...

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stair trouble
I got the baby quilt finished last weekend.  I love finishing a quilt and clearing the sewing room in preparation for something new. Although my something new is going back to work on my bird quilt again. This is where it's at at the moment. A few more bran...

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The Gilliano Bag.
I got the top of the baby quilt finished yesterday. Here it is hanging on the line. It measures about 60 inches by 50 inches. Now all I have to do is motivate myself to sandwich it and quilt it. Oh the weather is too lovely outside.  There is a female black...

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Allotment Neglect
Oh dear me. I got the annual letter from the council to renew my allotment lease for the year. Thinking about it all week I came to the conclusion that I really don't have the time for it anymore.  So this evening I went down for my first visit since Novemb...
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