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Denny Lockhart
Been there, done that, will probably do it again...
Been there, done that, will probably do it again...


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'criat' (CRouton In A Tab) is here!

They came really, really close with 'CRouton In A Window', which laid the ground work for this.
It's been fun playing with it and getting through the trials and tribulations with Freon to boot (pun intended).

So now, for those of us that have been anxiously waiting for 'CRouton In A Tab', wait no more - it's here!

To get it, download a fresh version of crouton ( and then update your chroot: *

    sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -u [-n chrootname]

* Please note: If you haven't yet added the 'xiwi' target or the 'Crouton Integration' extension, do that first by adding '-t xiwi' to the update command above, then you won't need to update your chroot again. You can get the 'Crouton integration' extension here -

You can just run linux apps like 'xterm', etc. but, I think it's a cool way of running an entire desktop. 

You can do that using something like this:

    sudo enter-chroot xiwi -T startlxde 

All of the options for the 'xiwi-app' are shown below:

    Usage: xiwi [-f] [-F|-T] APPLICATION [PARAMETERS ...]
    Launches a windowed session in Chromium OS for any graphical application.
    All parameters are passed to the specified application.

    By default, the app is launched in a window. Passing -F will launch the app
    full-screen, and passing -T will launch the app in a tab.

    xiwi will normally close when the application returns. Some gui applications
    fork before or during normal operation, which can confuse xiwi and     cause it to
    quit prematurely. If your application does not have a parameter that     prevents
    it from forking, and crouton is unable to automatically detect the fork, you can
    use -f to prevent xiwi from quitting automatically.
    xiwi will quit if you close the Chromium OS window when nothing is     displayed.

    A default window manager will full-screen all windows, unless APPLICATION
    begins with 'start' or is 'xinit'. You can cycle through multiple windows inside the
    application via Ctrl-Alt-Tab/Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Tab, or close them via
    Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Escape.  If APPLICATION begins with 'start' but you  still want to
    use the default window manager, specify the full path of the application.

So try it - you'll like it! 

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The latest version of 'crouton' (be252af) addresses a problem with reboots ☣ due to 'Xorg segfaults' on x86 machines using Chrome OS version 42 - currently on the dev & beta channels on some Chromebooks.

The author provides an explanation of this problem in the link below.

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Denny Lockhart commented on a post on Blogger.
The partitioning functionality of this script and others is broken now with the removal of both 'parted' and 'partprobe'.

Is there any possibility this and other scripts could be updated to replace the 'parted' and 'partprobe' commands with 'partx' and/or other commands now in Chromium/ChromeOS?

Thanx in advance,
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