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Natalie Woo
Famous for all the wrong things. An intellectual gutter.
Famous for all the wrong things. An intellectual gutter.
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Supermoooooooon! Holy moly, that thing is bright.

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For those that want more information on how to make a good Cornish Pasty, I made a blog post with further details for future reference.

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Hooray \o/ this is a great temporary fix for that annoying problem. I get that Google are still playing with the potental of this service, but they really need to test it on widescreen monitors, and possibly make everything on the sidebar removable (a la Blogger templates).
Hint: Thanks for sharing.

Let met start off with this. I really appreciate the time and effort the good guys'n gals in the +Google+ team have put into their new design. It really looks gorgeous. But the white space visible on my large monitor is bugging me. I know that +Vic Gundotra announced this space is going to be filled with something awesome in the future but until then....

Here's a little Chrome extension I have hacked together during the last few hours which modifies G+'s CSS to properly stretch the content on large screens. Maybe you like it. This is the first release which has only been tested on my computer so far. If you encounter any weired positioning issues or sth else just drop me a msg.


Note: this extensions includes next to no Javascript. It just injects another CSS file overriding the rules responsible for content width.
FYI: I've just pushed an update to the Chrome store. The single post view should look fine now.

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And now for something COMPLETELY different. Soap. I came across this link yesterday, and feel like it's one of those cost-saving experiments that doesn't exclude anyone on the basis of income or time.

Has anyone tried doing this kind of thing? More to that (for the true hippies): has anyone tried making their own bars of soap?

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I really, really wish that this article didn't ring 100% true for me, but it does. Especially... well, all of it.

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Because I don't listen to music radio very often, this song is not even remotely overplayed for me. Add one of the best of all instruments and this is pretty great.

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Review and discuss. A copy of my comment from elsewhere:

"Going through the immigration system means you get a first hand experience of seeing that a lot of Asian (and Russian) women coming in to marry Americans are nothing but glorified sex slaves/housekeepers for fat old white men that dismiss American women as "loud/undisciplined/too dominant". These men (who rarely speak the same language as the women they import, do not bother to learn and like to keep the women ignorant) doing what they do are the reason it's so much harder for women from the Phillipines, China and Thailand to emigrate legitimately. I hate everything about it."

I do agree with +Erin Woo in that it's really funny that the guy finds out so fast how unpleasant the reality of marrying a culturally different woman that ISN'T the stereotype he expected actually is.

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Tron + Neal Stephenson = go. Even if it is advertising. Go.
Two days shooting in the freezing/boiling desert with 40 models and 2.45am call times. Sewn into my outfit for 16hrs at a time. My collar was held up by fishing wire attached around my forehead and hidden underneath my fringe. It left an indent for three days. A crazy job and I even managed to drop my phone down the crew port-a-loo.
Buuuut, it was so worth it... i LOVE the final result. Directed by Carl Rinsch..

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Ah internet, will you ever cease to provide ways to enrich the brain AND waste time?
Holy crap. I didn't realize there are 89 full episodes of Frontline on They're subtitled, too. Watch "The Confessions," (click on "more full episodes"). It's shocking and absorbing. "Death by Fire" is also amazing.

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Also Die Antwoord on Jimmy Kimmel.
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