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Brooke Johnson
word wizard. steampunk and history geek.
word wizard. steampunk and history geek.

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time to update the ol' pinned post:

i write books. right now, all of my published books are steampunk.

you can find descriptions and links to all of my books here:

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back for #bookqw, a snippet from THE GUILD CONSPIRACY. the word this week is "BETTER".

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finally found time to scrapbook our spring break road trip.
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done!!!!! the first draft of REBEL ENGINEER, the novella-that-somehow-became-a-novel, is done! 48,395 words total. FINALLY. #amwriting

1594 words today. still not finished with the book but only 1 scene left to write now. REBEL ENGINEER is up to 47,172 words total #amwriting

569 words on REBEL ENGINEER today. i actually wrote 400 more, but then realized that the scene i was writing wasn't needed and i could just combine the important bits with the previous scene. up to 45,578 total now #amwriting

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welp. here's the finished painting.

538 words today. i might have written more if i hadn't spent all afternoon painting. up to 45k total on REBEL ENGINEER now. #amwriting

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made progress on the painting. trying to slow down and finish in sections instead of rushing to finish everything as quickly as possible. should finish tomorrow.

717 words today. not much, but i'm proud just the same. just another 2-3 scenes left to write, and REBEL ENGINEER will be done. i am at 44,471 words total so far. this draft will probably end up around 48,000 when i'm done. #amwriting
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