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Four Tips for Preventing a Home Invasion

To prevent a dangerous home invasion from thieves, you must protect your home. Burglars walk through neighborhoods, looking for homes that are easy to break into because the homeowner hasn’t prepared in advance. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can deter a potential thief. If you are a homeowner, then you can use one or more of these tips to protect your home from a burglar.

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Featured Agent of the Week ~ Steve Murphy

I have been in Real Estate since 2000. My main area of expertise is Real Estate Owned Property. If you are interested in knowing more about Real Estate Owned properties, I would love to sit down with you and explain the buying/offer process. My knowledge is extensive, I have helped hundreds of Buyers and Investors find the perfect home that suits their needs. Give me a call anytime, text, or email. 439-8323

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The Latest Trends in Modern Home Design

Home design has been taking some interesting turns lately. Things that may have seemed very out of place 10 years ago are now very common in homes. Many of these changes are easy to make in homes which will result in easy modernization for older homes. These new trends are sure to breathe new life into old homes while adding instant equity by raising the home value.

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Featured Agent of the Week ~ Julie Millam

"Julie Millam is a born communicator! Her love of people and attention to detail has made her very successful in sales and marketing in the Helena area"!

I am an REO Certified Platinum Broker specializing in REO- Foreclosures. I work with over 30 Banks managing Assets for Sale in the Helena, East Helena, Townsend, Clancy, Montana City, Jefferson City, Deer Lodge and Lincoln areas.

I have extensive on-going training and have years of experience with Foreclosure properties and can help you make a smooth transaction as well as helping you find a wonderful home or business.

Call me today to help make your purchasing or selling experience a success!!


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Featured Agent of the Week ~ Donna Kelly

I have been in Real Estate since 2002, so I have a lot of experience in this industry. My main line of work is the REO World. (Real Estate Owned) properties. If you are looking to buy a Bank Owned home as an investor or make it your main residence, I am here to help you with your needs. Give me a call or send me a text or an email. I respond promptly to all.


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Tips for Using Vertical Space in Your Home

Montana winters can be tough, especially when it’s too cold to get outside. This can leave many people feeling claustrophobic indoors, especially if their home is not as organized as it could be. To free up some space in your home and give it a more open feeling, consider how you can utilize the vertical space in your home.

#homedesign #homesweethome #montana

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Featured Agent of the Week ~ Stevie Jones

I have been in real estate since 1996 in central Montana and am a Meagher County native. I have experience in residential, land, investment and commercial properties working with both buyers and sellers. I am the Meagher County real estate expert and cover all of central Montana.

I am a member of the Southwest Montana Farm & Ranch Broker's, The American Advertising Federation-Great Falls, White Sulphur Springs Hobby Club, Martinsdale Community Aid, and The American Lutheran Church.

I enjoy the fishing, hiking, 4 wheeling and most outdoor activities with my husband Ted and 4 children. Previous to real estate I was a Home Economics teacher and love gardening, cooking and traveling. Give me a call anytime, I am looking forward to helping you with all of your Real Estate Needs.

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How to Determine the Right Size Rug for Your Living Room
If you've decided you want to decorate your living room with an area rug, the next step is to determine what size rug you need. It can be challenging to figure out exactly how large a rug you want to buy, but our checklist of guidelines will help you meet these challenges successfully. Here's how to determine the right size rug for your living room.

#decor #interiordesign #modernhome #interiorstyling

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Featured Agent of the Week ~ Kevin Holbert

If you are looking for a good, honest agent to help you with your buying and selling needs, I would love for you to give me a call. I enjoy working with First Time Homebuyers, as well as Investors. Thinking of selling your home, let’s get together and work out a pricing strategy to get your home sold Fast! I’m just a phone call away, and looking forward to helping you with all your Real Estate needs. . Give me a call anytime, text, or email 475-5655.


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Tips to Keep Your Home Feeling Welcoming and Inviting

You want your home to feel warm and welcoming, so first impressions are always important. If you walk into your home and smell stale orders or worse, pet odors coupled with a cluttered, dusty, dirty environment, you definitely have room for improvement.

Improving Your Air Quality

Nothing is worse for your health, mood and first impressions than stale or smelly air. With homes being closed up during the heat of summer and especially during the brutal freezing weather of winter, air quality suffers. Thankfully there are several simple solutions to combat this problem like opening a window and turning on fans for about fifteen minutes in the morning and again in the early evening. Keeping your furnace filters changed on a regular basis will also help keep your air fresh.

Keeping your air ducts cleaned also helps keep you and your family healthy as it rids your air of microorganisms lurking in your ducts, along with dust and dirt. Smells get caught in your window treatments, rugs and carpets so cleaning and deodorizing them on a regular basis will keep your air smelling clean. When you are expecting company or if you simply wish to pick up your mood, boil some cinnamon sticks or lemon slices to give the air a welcoming smell.

De-cluttering Gives Your Rooms a New Look

Many of us become complacent in our housekeeping, letting mail and catalogs build up, cluttering up table tops and letting this go as our lives are busy with work, family and other time consuming tasks. But all that clutter takes its toll, both on your mood and your home's appearance.

Simply getting rid of your piles of clutter can make your home look and feel brand new. After you gather up your mail, socks that dad removed as he sat by the fire after a long day, the kid's toys and hair brushes used in the living room to hastily do your daughter's hair while she finished her breakfast bar, you will be filled with joy when you see your table tops. When you dust, consider a lemon scented polish to help give the air a crisp, clean scent.

Once you tackle the big job of buildup, keeping your home clutter free on a regular basis is easy. Create a mail system to sort your incoming mail into when you bring it in so it doesn't take over again. Put a downstairs toy box for your kids and make toy pick up a nightly before bedtime routine task, and as for dad's socks, show him how much you appreciate him and toss them in the laundry for him. With five minutes daily, you'll have your home clean home.
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