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I still want this installed in my van!
RasPI+XBMC+Car Audio= Profit

Dave Saunders

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Dave Saunders

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Kid's came home today excited to play with their new Raspberry Pi media player  using RaspBMC. Setup was a breeze, however they wanted an On/Off switch for easy use of the Pi. Just some photos of the modification to the PiBow case, nothing extreme or fancy just a simple SPST switch connected to the 5V feed. Took less then 7 hours of them owning the PiBow case for them to want to modify it.

Dave Saunders

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No Pi today but picked up a new Galaxy Nexus half off and I'm in love with it.  Have to admit out of the 7 Android phones I've owned over the years including my G1, this Nexus is the best one so far.

Dave Saunders

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Dave Saunders

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My bother wanted to replace his Xbox 1 XBMC unit with a new HTPC. Not having the funds to spend on a new HTPC setup I offered him a $60 solution with the help of an old familiar case & a Raspberry Pi. Still a WIP as we need to get a powered USB hub for the front USB ports, a HDMI extension cable &  SD Card Extension cable but still a functional All in One.

Dave Saunders

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Update to Arduino Controlled Computer Startup / Shutdown. RTC DS1307 Breakout Board from Adafruit working as perfect as one could hope for.

Dave Saunders

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Feel so much better after finding the solution to why the Alarm function wasn't calling on the RTC and activating the alarm.
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When my wife's car struts had failed I called Ed's for a quote on the repair, needless to say I'm glad I did. Service was top notch, things where explained to me in detail and coming from a background in mechanics myself they don't leave any details out for those of you not mechanical inclined. Prices are more then fair with the majority being in the parts NOT the labor which is a plus cause they tell you the cost of the parts which I noticed had very little to no markup. In short if your looking for a honest shop check this place out as they have surly captured all my future business.
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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Only stayed for one night but area and room was very clean and tidy, rooms 37 inch HDTV made a great value for being able too hook up portable media center. PPV and WebTV web browsing was enjoyable. Will stay again
Quality: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Great stay for the money. Went on a vacation to the northern NJ area to see the sights and needed a place for a family of 6. The two bedroom suite was just like walking into home with full kitchen , living room with sleeper sofa , and 2 full bathrooms. The beds were more comfortable then the ones at home and both myself and the wife felt as relaxed as we could be. The morning breakfast was great with a decent variety of food choice's from eggs, yogurt , cereal , french toast, etc and was excellent. TV choices were limited for the younger kids with only Cartoon Network & NickToons but room did have a VHS / DVD player as well as HBO - HBO3 A&E , BIO , TLC , Locals and some other pay channels. Wifi was ok for email and general browsing but made Netflix & UStream have to buffer very often. Overall great value for the money and nicely kept place. To spite other reviews you have to understand this location is an "Extended Stay" meaning more like renting an Apt. Don't expect Hotel style service as in daily maid or room service but if towels, trash or any other is needed call the front desk as they are very helpful.
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