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For a private owned location, you'd expect the managers and employees to care more about their customers. My 75 year old Grandmother came into the store to send a fax but the fax wouldn't go through. I've never known a store to charge someone before the service is taken care of but she was charged $10 before hand and was told that there's no way for her to receive a refund. Other customers were in the store when she was given this information and the other customers made comments regarding the issue and couldn't believe what she was told either. We called corporate regarding the matter and was told that because the store is privately owned, the only thing that they can do is file the complaint (which many others have done) and send out an email to the manager at the location. Thursday or Friday we called the store to speak with the manager and was told to come in Saturday before 5pm; but because my Grandmother was very ill, she was unable to go. Sunday, we went by the store and because it's closed she stopped by today (Monday). While at the store, the manager wouldn't come from in the back of the store; she waited over an hour to speak with her but was still unable to. Instead, the manager told the employees to tell my Grandmother that she should've came Saturday, and we explained what exactly was going on Saturday. In return, my Grandmother was told to call back again later; and again was told she couldn't receive a refund yet. No, $10 isn't much but for someone on a fixed income who gets paid monthly, it can be a lot. Aside from that, you'd expect a company to be more respectful and courteous, especially to their elder customers. We come to this location quite often to send off packages and to fax, but after what I see as highly unprofessional and very disrespectful, I won't be returning again. + I received a reply from someone regarding this issue at the store via Facebook and the comment completely ignored the issue at hand. Though you may have policies, make sure that it is clear with each and every customer and there is a way to deal with customers. + Today, my Grandmother called back to the store and Michele (manager) once again said that she couldn't speak to her and to call back in 30 minutes; which we know nothing will come of it.
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