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it is the future but can you imagine the fear of fraud? it will happen in due time.
Wanted: internet voting & internet freedom. Over 75% think web is the future of voting. Do you?

I had a dream last night...

Steve Jobs was pitching the #iPhone6  and looked like a skeleton from the Grateful Dead's Touch of Grey video, Grateful Dead Touch Of Grey Video (Good Quality).

Jobs revealed that the iPhone 6 had no battery, was powered by air. The iOS developers worked extensively on new gestures and UI to use the iPhone as a TV controller.

I wonder if any of these epiphanies will come true?

Dear  +Evernote , I would like a keyboard shortcut for adding a tag to a note that is more intuitive. I want to be able to type ctrl + alt + T and a field to pop up for me to enter the tag with auto-suggestions. i don't want a long list of tags as check boxes. This would help tremendously. Thanks!

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Jason Fried talked about sleekness in current web design and mentioned sites such as eBay, Craigslist, gmail and amazon on sucking, but sucking for a reason. I like his like of folksy-style design

"Clutter is a human thing – it feels cozy, it feels like there’s people who made this and not these artists who people can’t relate to. So I’m really personally very interested in folksy-style design these days "

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Hi Jason,

I love evernote but can't stand that mac and windows version are so different, i work on both. Do you know off hand where the presentation mode is on the windows app? If i select a note or a notebook i don't get the presentation icon. Do you know off hand?

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Looking forward to reading this...

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Why bomb a buddhist temple? Stupid ignorant militants...

For the writers out there, "Write to please yourself, and if you go about it with enjoyment you will also entertain the readers who are worth writing for." - William Zinsser
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