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Parental Guidance advised: the Alternative Elf on the Shelf
Day 1. The smell of burning takes us to find the elf in the
toaster, squidged beside the holiday crumpets he couldn’t wait for. Day 2. Elf hangs from the Xmas tree, electrocuted by the
Xmas lights. Day 3. Elf lies flattened by the front door under an Amazon...

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Wee, wee, wee all the way home - to Derry
The Derryisms were coming thick and fast on our wee trip
home this past week. Beloved Aspie now has his own ‘traditions’ for a visit to
the North. The first is the obligatory pint of Guinness, something he never
does in England. Only problem is he downed it...

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This time last week I was one show down on a six show bonanza as part of
Bridgwater Arts Centre’s 70 th anniversary celebrations. We were
putting on a promenade show throughout the centre telling tales of the history
of the place and the street with drama, ...

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Pokémon Go and Aspie wellbeing
Pokémon GO! Love it or hate it, it certainly has Aspies on
the move and talking to one another and that can only be a good thing, right? I ignored Beloved Aspie when he uttered the word Pokémon after
many years (during which he had matured through Dr Who an...

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Let loose on Radio at Sedgemoor FM
Today I exited my comfort zone for the first time in a while.
I’ve just recorded my first contributions to our local radio station Sedgemoor
FM here in sunny Somerset. I was terrified! Which is completely daft given that I have spent most of my
life in jobs...

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I'm a Vet!
  “You’re a vet,” Hubs
announces as we’re sitting on the sofa the other night. “What?” I’m confused. “You’re a vet. Vets
get an animal in and it can’t tell them where to look or what pain or
discomfort feels like. They have to follow their instincts and pro...

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Don't wear purple - you'll pee!
We all know
that advertising is a craft designed to manipulate our desires, but every once
in a while it seems to say something else altogether. I’m worried
about men. If they see
a bunch of women laughing and they’re wearing purple, they know they are all

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Banksy's Dismaland disregards Disability
Dear Banksy,  Thank you for bringing Dismaland to my HOME!! When you set up your bemusement park a mere 15 minutes away
my son was thrilled. He has been a fan for many years…though that may now have
changed. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and the fact that ...

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Rebuilding burnt bridges: your job or mine?
Let me give
this a little context, given that there have been several over the years. You do
something that lets me down terribly, that causes great pain, that calls into
question everything I believed our close relationship to be, something that has
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