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i WiLl SURviVe!
i WiLl SURviVe!

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weee I have got this nev (to me) computer all figured out. Thank you to my friend Juli for giving me her old stuff when she upgraded!!!!

I'm running my dnd game. The Half orc just threw the halfling into a briar patch trying to get a fleeing enemy. The druids' companion, a squirrel, jumped off the halfling right before landing in the briar patch. The players rolled really crappy until the squirrel jump. The squirrel rolled a natural 20. The spirits teleported the squirrel into the back of the enemies back, knocking the enemy down.

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over in the democrat camp:

random campaign person: SIR we have incoming!!
Obama: Incoming what?
random campaign person: REPUBLICANS!!!
Obama: OH NOES!!! What shall we do?

Moderate republicans run in: We hate you obama, but we hate what our leaders are doing even more. We are on your side....for now.
Apparently Bachman, Perry, and Santorum have signed a pledge to investigate the LGBT community if they're elected. There HAS to be an easier way for them to get their hands on gay porn >.>

Jokes aside this is rather worrying and one more reason NONE of these people should be elected to anything but the nearest mental ward.

Of interest to +Liz Fong-Jones and others I'm sure.

not out until 10:30PM......10.5 hours dealing with people who A: can't read their bills, B: insist they don't have to pay their bills, or C: are crabby about being on hold for 10 minutes due to us having an avg of 45+ CALLS IN QUE at any given moment.

this is why you don't get pissed at call center folk until they are A: rude to you, B: Fuck up. or C: you WANT to get bounced around.

Sandman...where art thou?

sleep? what is that?

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weee picking special thing today from village gate.....oh the stares we shall get zepeto

Hi all!!!!!

Is finally on google+ this shall be an interesting experience
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