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Javier Bastardo
Think for yourself, set your mind free and always wash your hands.
Think for yourself, set your mind free and always wash your hands.

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Functionality, simplicity and good design. Is possible, is here and it's being made by some awesome people!
It's a great time for apps on +elementary OS.

What you're seeing are nine of the couple dozen apps that have been designed and developed for elementary OS and distributed via AppCenter so far. Several of which I use daily for work and fun.

I want to take a second and give a huge shout out to Spice-Up by +Philip Scott (it's the big dark app with the blue slides in it). He sent me a presentation (pictured) for a talk he's giving, and it's gorgeous and impressive. Both the presentation and Spice-Up. It's quickly become my favorite app in AppCenter so far and really shows the potential of apps developed for this platform.

It's become a fun process for me to check what new apps have been submitted to AppCenter and chat with their developers. I've been able to file issues, offer suggestions, and even help fix some small bugs.

If you haven't checked out elementary OS and AppCenter yet, head on over to to give it a download. It's really the best time to. :)

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The following images are a small representation of the atrocities of the repressive Government of my country, Venezuela.

This is a human being, burning alive, because he's protesting against the repressive Government of Venezuela.

That is a human being, been run over by a a government's National Guard truck.

This is not OK. Security Forces have been using illegal armament and tactics to repress the protests.

I do not stand with the munch of the political opposition.

But I cannot, and will not, be silent about this.

This is happening, this is real.

#Venezuela #Protest
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Several great responses to my first AppCenter Spotlight piece. Enterprising developers, there are some great apps that people are yearning for, and with +elementary AppCenter, you can distribute straight to their desktop and get paid. ;)

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Just breathe

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Prepare to meet the Royal Family. See the first two episodes of “Marvel’s #Inhumans” in IMAX cinemas starting on September 1st, followed by the full 8 episode series on ABC this fall.

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M'boy Carlos is a great and talented artist, look him up if you wanna get some design done professionally.

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The struggle is real
That moment when you're upgrading the OS on your one and only computer and wondering if you'll get a brick instead.

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