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A Semester of Strengthening
This is most likely going to be
the post that closes out my blog! I am writing this post from somewhere over
the Atlantic Ocean as I fly from Amsterdam to Chicago on my way home. I am
still not sure what to think of this semester, and I really can’t believe...

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Soon it's Back To Wyatt
Well the time has come. This point was inevitable, and while
at times I may have been looking forward to, right now I am dreading it. I
can’t believe I’m leaving in barely over a week, and our last week we will be
on our last excursion. As an earlier Blog p...

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Twilight Zone
Thursday night, our first night on Safari, one of my classmates was
quite ill. She hadn’t felt well all day and decided to stay back at camp. She
didn’t improve, and if anything felt worse. Alex and I decided she needed
medical attention, so we encouraged h...

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Well we finally did it. We trekked to the Maasai Mara and
had an incredible 3 day, 2 night Safari. 14 of us loaded two vans at 7am Friday morning, with Alex (a
good friend of Mwangi and Frances’) driving one and his colleague Steve driving
the other. We sta...

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Gobble! Gobble!
Well like my birthday, this Thanksgiving was certainly one I
will remember for a long time! We all took the day off from our internships, after having
quite a long conversation about what Thanksgiving was and what it stood for.
Eventually, our friends accep...

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Update: A Feeling of Helplessness
Friends and Family, This is an update on the young girl I talked about my in my previous post: A Feeling of Helplessness . I have been informed that she made it to the hospital in time, the Doctor was able to meet her, and she was started on oxygen immediat...

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A Feeling of Helplessness
Note: This post is long but it’s incredibly important to me
so I ask you read it in its entirety. This past week I started interning full time, which means I
am dropped at the Makina Clinic in the morning and picked in the afternoon.
Spending the day either...

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Day Trip to Hell's Gate!
We took a trip to Hell's Gate on Saturday :-) here are the pictures for those who follow my blog, but not Facebook. Click Here

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Polio Campaign!
Back at my internship after Rural Week, I had one of the
best experiences of my life. I was able to participate in a polio campaign with
the Ministry of Health. This was a five-day campaign, all over Kenya but I was
attached for two days, to two teams, in K...
Polio Campaign!
Polio Campaign!

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Rural Week Post 5: The Feelings Back Home
The feelings of culture shock did not end with returning to
Nairobi, in fact they really only intensified. We were all exhausted, both
physically and mentally, and were all facing his feeling of “Wow. Did that
really happen?” During the week time moved so s...
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