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Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Keep the faith. ~2 Tim 4:7
Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Keep the faith. ~2 Tim 4:7
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If you use there is literally no reason not to turn this on. No cost to you; benefits a charity of your choice. 

Enable it here:

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Fun. I love when I figure something out correctly.
Can you spare a few minutes for Science?

My fellow psych students need some people to take part in their online experiment. It only takes a couple of minutes and is completely anonymous

If your birthday is on an even day (e.g. 4th September) please click on this link:

OR - If your birthday is on an odd day (e.g. 3rd September) please click on this link:

The greater the number of participants the better, so please do pass this on to your friends.

Thanks, K x

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Now you can decide who can notify you on Google+!

Circles give you control over who you share with on Google+ and who you see content from.
Many of you have asked for similar controls over who can send you notifications, so today we're rolling out a new option in Google+ settings: “Who can notify you.” You can update your settings at

This setting controls who you’ll get notifications from, if they:
• Share with you individually
• Select ‘Notify about this post’ (when sharing to a circle you’re in)
• +Mention your name
• Invite you to a hangout
• Invite you to play or send you messages from a game

You’ll still be notified if someone comments on one of your posts or adds you to a circle.

We’ve set the “Who can notify you” setting to Extended circles ( as the default, but you can change this to be Your circles, Anyone, or a custom selection of specific circles and individuals. We’ll be rolling this out slowly, so if it’s not available for you yet check back soon. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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Cool extension. Now to convince Mom to move away from IE..... sigh

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Seven seasons of Mythbusters are on Netflix, hubby just pointed out. I know what I'm doing for the next couple of days. :D

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Signal Strength by Amelia Marzec looks especially interesting to me. Decentralized communications. Her page for it is here: Wish she provided a download to tinker with.

H/T: +Keith D

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Always looking for more awesome Android peeps to follow. Thanks for sharing this +Jon F Hancock ! :)
Follow Friday

Here is my Voices of Android circle. All of these people contribute to discussing Android in some public forum, mostly blogs and netcasts.

They're all pretty cool people too!

Jon F Hancock shared a circle with you.

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That's not enough storage for you? Inconceivable! +Eleventy

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What a pretty admin panel they have....
American Express has a big security hole on their site, then fails to respond in any way to a security researcher. Security researcher ends up publishing it on the web.

Today's epiphany:

I have a chemical imbalance, and am prone to depression. So it goes like this:

Depression > Avoidance of people > Excessive introspection > Depression > ad infinitum

Even though I'm an introvert (hard to believe when you only see me online, I know), I think I may need to push myself not to withdraw. It helps me to reflect more on others, and less on myself.
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