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He can pardon Manning but not Peltier?
January 18, 2017, in a letter addressed to Leonard Peltier’s lawyer, the Obama administration formally denied the request to grant clemency to Peltier.
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T Heist
Of course they did. Why pardon a guy who can stop innocent people from getting hurt in the Dakotas?
They think we are a violent people. Like we'd start a riot if our people aren't released.

He may still be locked up. But his spirit takes him outside those walls every night while he is sleeping.

A'ho. P. L. U. R. 
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Propaganda for the dumbed down sheep
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Yeah, I do that with Oxycodone, Doctor's still trying to figure out how the hell I'm not addicted. (O.o)
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Or apparently a prisoner in federal custody... (LOL)

Wait, one wonders if there is a difference. (O.O)
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“For the Closing of the Year” is Hymn 81 in the Cherokee Hymnbook, published in 1829.  The new edition published by the Museum in 2014 includes a new English translation.  The last verse concludes:

Asdaya didinogi,

Ale dedvnv’I tsusqualahi gesvi


Let’s sing loudly.

Our lives are short.

Let’s rejoice.

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It is a time to rejoice. Let us all be grateful let us all count our good fortunes and lift one another. 
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If you wanted to translate this holiday greeting literally in English you would say “Ulihelisdi (happy) Atse (new) Udetiyvsgv (year)” but Cherokee people don’t usually say that to each other. When you substitute Cherokee words for English words like that, you’re really still speaking English.

But here’s a good phrase for New Year’s Eve:  “Nvnohi tsaksesdesdi!"  

“Be careful on the road!”

Literally this breaks down to:

Nv no hi = road

Tsa k(a) se sde sdi = You (1 person) watch out!

Or, Di tsa k(a) se sde sdi = You ALL watch out!

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Happy New Year!
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+Shawn S. That is correct my friend. Many Cherokee today around Stilwell still celebrate Christmas and also new year celebrations by shooting a gun in the air. This is a tradition learned from the English immigrants. We were a costal people for a time before the landings and there are reports of ships shooting a cannon off to celebrate as was customary for the English in the 1500-1600 era. 
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This place sucks, I tried to call ahead but got put on perpetual hold. I got there and 4 employees were standing around talking. It took them 5 minutes to start the sandwich. Honestly if a loved one in the hospital nearby wasn't craving Cousins I wouldn't have even bothered.
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Well it seems to me that this is not a very safety oriented company, I just had one of their drivers pull in front of me trying to get onto an overpass here and Wisconsin(Drexel in Oak Creek), I had to slam on my brakes to avoid a run under accident. His trailer number was 164308. I honked my horn continuously the bearded driver just laughed. I tried to call safety to report him but was given the runaround by the lady who answered the phone saying that they had nobody in safety and those who were in charge were on the dock.
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Great service, Robin always does a great job, they need more employees like her. I have been to plenty of Sonics, not just in Milwaukee (the one on Miller Parkway sucks), but they are headquartered in my home this is a little taste of home. I wish that they had as many menu options as those back home..that is the only negative I see
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I have been coming to the gym for a month and a half. Long story short, I have lost over 20 lbs. I am middle aged and overweight but they are helping me lose my gut. I am trying to religiously go to the Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. I have also been to cardio kickboxing a time or two. There are times that I get frustrated with myself because I can't do certain movements that I once could do easily but the staff is great, they help keep me motivated. I am an example of what can be done here, if you put in the hard work. "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." - Sun Tzu
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If you are a chili head don't come here. The website and the menu advertised Trinidad Moruga wings. They lie, they don't have them anymore . The food was mediocre at best, a little overpriced for my taste. I guess if you're drunk you don't notice, and they do have a large selection of beers on tap.
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I am having really bad issues, i am being seen in two clinics. My primary clinic, the Red Clinic doesn't want to listen, nor do they seem to care. I feel like a guinea pig for my nurse practitioners enjoyment. I asked to be switched off of a diabetes medicine, since it was found to be giving me GI issues, instead of switching me off of it like i asked they just switched me to a different form of the same medication. I complained to a patient's advocate and was told that nothing could be done until I tried this form out. Long story short, I have had the worst night in forever! The medicine didn't work, I had the GI problems. My blood sugar spiked to over 200. I called the late night nurse and couldn't get them to call me back until 4 in the morning. Then she tried to say i might have stomach flu? Really? Someone could die before they get the necessary treatment here!
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