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Helpful Garden
The garden that gives back to the homeless
The garden that gives back to the homeless

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The garden that gives back to the homeless

The idea is to design a homeless shelter using Aquaponics to feed them as well as make money for them. Each place will have 9 to 13 (12x17) 204 sq ft building for living in. It will a fishery of 3 different kinds of fish, tiger shrimp &/or crawfish to clean the algae off the root of the plants that are in the aquaponic containers. There will at least 3 different apple and pears trees so to have them throughout the year as well as some citrus trees like lemons, oranges and 2 two others. Maybe even 2 fig trees. The homeless shelter will also have chickens and maybe even rabbits. So the "Helpful Garden" will be shelter to up to 13 people as well as a farmers market at which 10 - 20% of the sales of said food will be use to maintain the place and the other 80 - 90% of the money paid to the homeless. The one thing about homeless shelters is that one can be built every 80 miles about or so. I can see a minimum of 3000 homeless shelters of the "Helpful Garden" being built worldwide.
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