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Christopher Ward
If it won't matter when I'm 90, it's not a big deal.
If it won't matter when I'm 90, it's not a big deal.

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My router was hacked.  I have DDNS and remote administration turned off.  Model: Linksys E4200.  Malicious DNS servers were inserted so I couldn't track down the pop-ups on my machine through virus and malware scans.  Fortunately I didn't fall for the semi-pro looking prompts. and 168 were in there.  If you do an "ipconfig /all" from a command prompt on your computer, you will see if you are using these DNS servers.

Don't ask me how I found this.  I'm done typing for tonight.

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I love their online service, after the first year filing taxes even with a home, child and military pay elements it was simple.

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Fill in your name and email and hit submit. All it takes to sign the petition.

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At this piont I have to take on faith that they really postponed the launch out of respect, rather than the PR effect of choosing not to launch out of respect.

Either way, I am glad to see ICS coming.

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Win me some goods.
NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away a free ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Honeycomb tablet, YOUR CHOICE of Tegra Phone, and more for doing close to nothing!

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