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Gaming Guild with current focus in World of Warcraft on Bonechewer
Gaming Guild with current focus in World of Warcraft on Bonechewer

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Are you re-subbing for Mists of Pandaria?

Blizzard is making the mobile armory and all past premium features free.  Additionally, all former mobile armory subscribers get a free Lil' XT pet

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Diablo 3 Tooltips are now live on the forums!

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Not all forum posts need to be serious. Summer time is fun time! Diablo 3 Inferno 'Tactics' thread: via +Muffnman

Hope everyone had a great time in NYC this weekend!

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Share your thoughts on the different Diablo 3 classes!
Really loving the Monk class in Diablo 3. Fast and powerful, never feel overwhelmed - even when swarmed with mobs. Witch Doctor felt exactly like Necromancer from D2 - glad that health orbs also heal your pets. So far, easiest class to play. Barely got hit.

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Decided to activate my free 7 days.
-Patched game
-Updated UI
= -Around 30 mins if you include in game modifications to get things right again.

First actions in game:
-reconfigured ui
-said hi to the locals
-transmogged gear (new look:

30 minutes in LFG queue later, I get into a group. Buffs distributed, we take down first boss (Echo of Jaina).

Immediately after loot rolls conclude, my son wakes up crying and I alt-F4 straight out. A sharp reminder as to why an MMO just wouldn't work with my current schedule/lifestyle/being a responsible parent.

Thus concludes the chronicles of +Muffnman day 1.
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