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Stephen Bradley
Photographer London, Belfast, Dublin, Atlanta
Photographer London, Belfast, Dublin, Atlanta


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Landscape photographer UK and USA project update.

Irish dreamscape, Spelga Dam, Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland.

My journey of discovery, of self and place, has only come about recently. And it came by chance, when I decided to try my hand at photographing the landscape of the country of my birth, Northern Ireland.

I've been doing this to build up a portfolio of fine art landscape photographs that capture the light, mood, and drama of the Irish landscape in a way I haven't seen elsewhere. With the intention of exhibiting in international art gallery's of repute.

And the images that eventually make the final cut may not be so obvious, either when they are shot or when viewed in a first edit.

Working as an advertising photographer trains your eye and mind to deliver imagery that will print (view) well and allow for positioning of copy that will appeal to the agencies clients target audience. And this may not always result in arriving at the best images of any given project.

When photographing landscape for my own pleasure, it has taken retraining of my creative senses to allow me to photograph the Irish landscape in a way that primarily pleases me, and that also creates a sense of excitement when I arrive at any specific photograph that excites me enough to go into my portfolio of best work.

While I had been mulling over a more simple image than that on this page as my preferred final image, I didn't get the feeling that 'this is the one'.

Becoming frustrated, I dived back in to review all of the images taken on this warm summer evening in the Mourne Mountains.

While the image on this post didn't get past the first edit, there was something about the mood and composition of the elements and light that whispered . . . it's ok, don't worry. Here I am.

peace, Stephen

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Teenage mental health drama. Video production in Belfast from a drama written by a male teenager with the mental health condition Schizoaffective Disorder and produced for Belfast based UTV (Ulster Television). This mental health related video portrays, through monologue and family scenarios, the effects of this mental health condition on a male teenager and his family and friends.

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GHOST rain clouds drift over Belfast Lough, Ireland at dusk, lit almost from within

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GHOST. Fine art landscape photo of clouds lit by a dim dusk light, and looking as if the light was emanating from within, as they float over sea in Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland.

The image was shot during an unplanned shoot, with my family sitting in the car nearby - who I hijacked from an amiable drive home after a meal in Belfast. As we drove along the Westlink dual carriageway in Belfast I notices a gargantuan storm cloud that I new by its position was sitting over belfast Lough, and instead of exiting the Westlink I headed north, to the cries of 'where are we going dad!' from my kids.

Driving frantically to find a foreground, I arrived 6 miles later at Hazelbank Park, on the northern edge of Belfast Lough, to find the cloud formation had reduced and didn't seem anywhere near as interesting as it originally had been.

Reviewing the image again on my Mac, I felt I had something. Taking it through Photoshop proved that I had.

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Fine art landscape photography of Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland. Photographed from the north east coast of County Antrim, Northern Ireland, on the Antrim Coast Road.

Photographed on a warm summer afternoon during a drive north from my home in Belfast to scout and hopefully find locations ready to deliver their beauty to me and my camera.

Haing seed the view, and notocing a hill nearby that could deliver a better angle, I clambered p said hill and took a series of shots.

Returning to my studio, I became disheartened as the images didn't contain the dramatic contrast of sun highlighting and giving depth to enormous cumulus clouds I had become accustomed to photographing. It was only when I brought this image into Photoshop, that the image below came into it's own . . . and I knew I had created some thing good.

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#1stdibs listings of my landscape photographs of Northern Ireland. Sincere thanks to Lee Evans of IFAC NYC for his empathy, trust and appreciation of my art. Getting listed on THE luxury goods and services website in the USA has been a long time coming and is very much appreciated.

1stdibs is presently listing four of my landscape photographs - 

1. Rain falling from storm clouds over Carlingford Lough, Northern Ireland.
2. Clouds over rainbow at Stranocum, Northern Ireland.
3. Through The Dark Hedges, Stranocum Northern Ireland (location used as The Kingsroad for Game of Thrones).
4. Constable-like evening light on The Tow Path, River Lagan, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Lagan Towpath

While I walked along the path that runs along the south side of Belfast's river Lagan, the symmetrical patter created by the bright and puffy clouds drew me back to this spot to make the image in this post.

While the light and weather in Ireland can be frustrating to shoot in, not knowing what will present itself, when I drive to any location (where I do not know what clouds and light will present themselves), makes it all the more thrilling and exciting.

Limited edition prints of my fine art photographs available at -

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Editorial today in the Irish Times of my #fineartphotography of #irishLandscapes in #NorthernIreland in The #GlensOfAntrim, the North Antrim Coast / Antrim Coast Road and Rostreveor. County Down. 

While the inclement weather in Northern Ireland always bothered me (not easy scheduling exterior photographer here!) I have discovered that the up and down nature of the weather here means I can go to the same location on multiple occasions where I will se a totally different view of the same place. The fact that Northern Ireland is so small means I can also get to any part of this small country in a matter of one or two hours.

And, if the weather and light are good to me, I'll get some awe inspiring shots to add to my collection of #Turneresque #LandscapePhotographs.

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Recent high end #LandscapePhotograph showing clouds over the Irish Sea from #Glenariff , County Antrim in my home country Northern #Ireland . Full #LandscapePhotography portfolio at

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New photie :)
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