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Writer of novels, stories, and daily prompts
Writer of novels, stories, and daily prompts


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I think I've actually read one of those books.  D'oh.
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Prompt of the Day!


Today, write a scene about something that has been anthromorphized. A toaster that really wants to burn your toast. A rain that wants to drown the world. And because I always seem to give depressing examples, how about a cat who wants to... help you... somehow? I'm really bad at happy examples. Come up with your own, help me out a bit!

Consider also - is this through design, or mistake, or is that just the way it is?

Be creative, and enjoy!
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Got a Prompt of the Day for you. A poem, too!

I can't stop

Very open prompt, today. Write a poem, using the title of this post for at least one line of the poem.

Be creative, and have fun!
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I got a new Prompt of the Day!

The Call to Adventure

The call to adventure is one of the first steps in building a story - there has to be something to tear the hero away from the humdrum of reality, and this is it.

Write the scene where the hero is called to adventure, through whatever avenues and to whatever outcome. Just write the part of the story where things start to get interesting =)

have fun!
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Prompt of the Day:

Piece of Cake.

Write a scene today about something that used to be hard for the character, and now is not.

The character has been through something, as meaningful or as trivial as you want the experience to be, and can now do with ease the task that was once incredibly difficult.

Have fun, and be creative!
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Prompt of the Day:

Introducing Sunday Works in Progress

This is something that I'm going to be trying out on Sundays. The prompt, for today and for Sundays in the future, is to write the next 250 words of your current work in progress.

If you don't have a current work in progress, open up the last word document you had open and write 250 fictionalized words about it. The less related it is to fiction, the greater your creativity will have to be.

As a third option, if you don't have anything in progress, find the last thing you finished and write an additional 250 words.

Have fun!
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Prompt of the Day!

Find an object on your desk...

Write a description of the object as if it was created a hundred years in the past or a hundred years in the future. Old timey pencil? Futuristic headphones? What would your desk look like in the future or in the past?

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Prompt of the Day:

"It's a _____ of epic proportions."

The rules are simple:

1. Fill in the blank.

2. Write a scene containing that line.

Oh, and 3. Have fun!
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Prompt of the Day:


Write one of two scenes.

One: write the scene where your character is witnessed doing something they would have preferred to do unseen.

Two: write the scene where your character is the one doing the witnessing.

The only difference is the point of view... but that can make a lot of difference, can't it? Be creative, and have fun with it!
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Prompt of the Day:


Write a scene, this evening, about an abrupt emotional shift. Or, containing such.

Something terrifying interrupting a feel good reunion, maybe? Or a hearty laugh in the middle of a tense situation? Or even the reverse, completely up to you. Just make sure that the scene captures the moment of shifting, the feelings from both branches of emotion.

The wackier, the more brownie points. Come on - make it weird!

And have fun!
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