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Apparently, I've been out of the loop for too long. After doing some preliminary research, I've discovered that there is a "Lokean" movement now, i.e. people openly professing to honor and/or worship Loki. And not just Loki, but also his children, Fenrir, Jörmungandr and possibly Hel. 

Is this causing a rift between Heathens? Or is everyone cool with these "Lokeans"? Can anyone provide some insight here?

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How did I miss this? Atheist superstar Richard Dawkins admits that he is, in fact, an agnostic? Well, if it's true, then he just moved up a tiny notch on my credibility scale...

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Imagine the conversation between an atheist soldier and his atheist chaplain:

Atheist Soldier: Father, uh... I mean, um... Dude, I'm really having doubts about there not being any transcendent purpose to existence. Last night, when the shit was coming down, I remembered my parents, my wife, my children, how much I love them, how much I want to see them again, and... I prayed... to God.

Atheist Chaplain: <Gasp!>

Atheist Soldier: I know, I know. We don't believe in God. But at that moment, it seemed like love - the love between man and woman, between father and child - was something truly transcendent, something more than just a neuro-chemical reaction in the brain, something... well, divine.

Atheist Chaplain: Son, uh... I mean, Dude, this is completely natural. When faced with truly terrifying situations, when the adrenaline starts pumping and one is directly faced with the prospect of one's own demise, it's perfectly natural to start wondering whether this is all there is, whether there is some higher purpose to our existence. Even the most hardcore of atheists sometimes doubt. But, rest assured, this will pass. As soon as you're back in the world, safe and sound, and the existential threat is past, you'll once again realize that your life has no transcendental purpose. 

Atheist Soldier: Are you sure?

Atheist Chaplain: Is Richard Dawkins my bitch? Of course I'm sure. 

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Despite the fact that I think the Raelians are complete and utter whackos, I do think that the public display of the swastika should be decriminalized in those places where it is currently forbidden. Unfortunately, it will never be rehabilitated in the eyes of many, but forbidding a symbol consisting of nothing more than two lines is - in my opinion - as whacko as the Raelian movement itself.

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Some pretty amazing stuff here...

And don't forget to watch the other episodes, too.

#streetart   #chalkart   #perspectiveimages  

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As a fan of the great German philosopher Kant and his now virtually forgotten students (I'm thinking particularly of Krug, Gerlach, Bouterwek and - my current personal favorite - Pölitz), I was pleasantly surprised to see physicist and philosopher Willie McLoud take a moment to consider the results of modern physics in light of Kant's epistemology.

#ImmanuelKant   #Philosophy  

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As soon as these people find out that having sex triples your chance of a heart attack*, we're all screwed. Figuratively, of course.

* according to the Journal of the American Medical Association

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This is actually quite funny. I don't think he was chatting with YHVH, though....

#Atheism   #Religion   #God  

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How long until people realize that this subversion plot popular uprising is really about control of the Russian naval base in Tartus, Syria? 

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Now the question is this: Is Snowden smart enough to make the full release of all his mined data conditional upon his untimely death? That is the only thing which could possibly prevent him being killed in the near future - whether he makes it to Venezuela or not.
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