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Oh Yeah...what a view

The beginning of Spring just like Autumn (the fall) are very important periods in my life. One symbolizes rebirth and the other death. Interesting in how the the cyclical pattern of life is like a clockwork....

Will you dare...?
Will you dare to listen
To a distant cry of help...
That is but reckoning,
You to take notice,
To heed its call,
To take action,
You turned your face away,
When faced  with tough choices,
You chose the easiest option,
The route with least resistance,
Making yourself deaf,
To the wailing cry,
A cry that caressing, smoldering and pampering,
Yes, you squeezed your heart close,
Kept a long face...
How dare you?

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In a pensive mood....a peaceful moment

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This is such a beautiful music...oh my word!!!

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