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There's black, white, and 50 shades of gray...
There's black, white, and 50 shades of gray...

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Hey guys, we're at 298 and counting. Please continue to get those signatures in and help our cause!
EVERYONEEEE SIGN THIS AND SHARE IT EVEN IF UDK WHAT TJ IS! shoutout to michael and nathan for this brilliant idea!! honestly for any accuracy in the admissions process this year, the test should so be done at a testing site so sign this petition to get tj's attention!!

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#RIP  Nelson Mandela, the George Washington AND Abraham Lincoln of Modern South Africa. Please reshare and spread the word.
The folks at the Chicago Tribune said it best: A life of struggle, triumph. Mandela served 27 years in prison, this being one of the jails he was incarcerated in, after he used violence when non-violence wouldn't work anymore against the oppressive apartheid-based government of South Africa. After his triumphant walk to freedom and going back to the political system, he promised black integration and a safer environment for whites. In the first multi-racial election (1994), he was elected president. However, he noted that the elimination of apartheid was not an overnight operation. Eventually, he paved the way to a apartheid-free South Africa, and resigned as President in 1999. In this way, he founded modern South Africa, just as George Washington and the Founding Fathers founded the United States. He also promoted a more integrated society and gave blacks the right to vote, just as Lincoln had. However, in 2004, he fell victim to illness and was in and out of hospitals for the next nine years. In June 2013, he was on life support, and today, his body finally gave way, but his unflinching spirit is immortalized and lives on forever in the annals of history.

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This is an amazing comeback by the Baltimore Ravens.

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