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Launched a new Learning Center at Sencha yesterday!

If you're just starting to learn Sencha, now's the time :)
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Excellent. Will take a look. One thing I really want to see is a Best Practices section (or something similar). I see lots of How To's or Questions about bugs, but it is hard to find a consolidated list of Best Practices when it comes to using ExtJS / Sencha Touch.

A simple example would be: What's the best way to reference parts of my custom component?

Should I use hard coded IDs. Should I use dynamically generated IDs and store those IDs in some variables. Should I use css classes. Should I use knowledge about the components dom hierarchy. Should I create the sub components programmatically and store a reference to the created component off the main component?
I still haven't used Sencha, but the Learning Center looks great. Nice work.
Only one thing is new about it, tutorials all over the web has been organised in one place now :)
Nice one, looks great! ... thanks for the mention too :)
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