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Great article on developing as learning leaders.

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Curious to hear this on the morning commute. 
Breaking new ground, using satellites in the sky! Wharton is now broadcasting business and management knowledge for your career success 24/7 on SiriusXM Radio Channel 111.

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This is interesting. Satoshi's identity seems to have now been confirmed.

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+John Miller shows me around an ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty town that his students created as part of their lessons on ancient civilizations. Really great things to learn from this! Minechat Episode 23!

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Interesting "Map of Coins" visualization of *coin and their branches

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Games are field-tested engagement engines that stimulate creative and analytic thinking... just what the world needs now...

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Minecraft Titanic by 3rd and 4th graders. #seriousgames  
During #PBL time a couple of my Grade 3/4 students created a virtual tour of the Titanic in #minecraft  PE complete with infogaphics. All independently done by them. They even got the engines working and used electrified carts to carry the coal to the working engines. Tour of the Titanic by Students

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Thoughts about minecraft in education without the EDU mod ;)

Post has shared content about engaging content. Not being a big Fleetwood Mac fan, I almost did not watch. Glad I trusted the curator +Yvonney Huth 
Speaks for itself.  Enjoy!

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Mining "coin" through educational activities? Certainly a thought provoking concept. 

Mining does not have to be done by an algorithm working on a meaningless problem and great expense in equipment and electricity. Instead of spending money on technology to do meaningless work, new Alt currencies could be mined by spending money on people doing meaningful work - whether it is learning or any other social or environmental good.


Garrick Hileman is an Economic Historian at LSE. (My transciption.)

"One of the most exciting things about alternative currency is the experimentation ... we can rethink what money means to us.

"For example I have heard talk of an eduction coin which would minded into existence by learning which is what generates new currency. You've got a social good - education - linked to currency growth and earning 'learn to earn' as way to experiment with the money supply and the growth of the money supply."
#bitcoin #altcurrencies #cryptocurrencies
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