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Administrative 馃樀 NIGHTMARES 馃槺 do NOT have to be part of #hiring... new apprentices or trainees!

Yes there is a load of legal paperwork that can be costly and time consuming... So delegate it!

#GroupTraining means we take care of all of the ghastly paperwork because:
鉁达笍 We employ the apprentice/trainee
鉁达笍 We take care of the administration including work health and safety
鉁达笍 We handle the payroll
鉁达笍 We ensure you receive the maximum financial support through Australian Government incentives

#WorkingTogether #Flexibility
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Life experience is a skill. #OftenUndervalued
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What if my business is eligible to receive help with the cost of wages and I didn't know?

Could I be leaving money on the table...?馃挵

Here is a quick summary of eligibility so no-one has to miss out:

鉁达笍 I must have an ABN
鉁达笍 I must not have already received a wage subsidy for the same job seeker
鉁达笍 I must not be an Australian, state or territory government agency

The kind of jobs I must be offering need to be:

鉁达笍 Ongoing full-time jobs
鉁达笍 Ongoing part-time jobs
鉁达笍 Compliant with Australian employment standards
鉁达笍 An apprenticeship or traineeship
鉁达笍 A minimum of 20 hours each week for six months

The jobs must NOT BE:

鉁达笍 Short-term or seasonal work that will not lead to ongoing employment
鉁达笍 For a family member
鉁达笍 Sub-contracting or self-employment
鉁达笍 A job that displaces a current employee
鉁达笍 Commission based

Find out more about WHO I can hire and HOW I can apply HERE:


馃挵 There is even a 鈥榢ick-start鈥 payment of up to 40 per cent of the wage subsidy that may be available to eligible employers four weeks after the job starts!

There is no need to leave this money on the table...! #itallhelps
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For the #venn-triloquists among us...

Out of all the things that lay before us today, what should we focus on in our business?

#priorities #longtasklists
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Hiring and training can be stressful.

But it doesn't have to be... 鉀

... with #GroupTraining for apprentices and trainees.
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Industry experience is great. However, sometimes, experience may not be as valuable as #transferableskills...

Transferable skills usually mean FAST learning...
... and they open us up to a much larger pool of candidates...

This means we can focus on selecting the #rightfit for our particular workplaces instead of being solely focused on things that can be easily taught to people with transferable skills.

#morepeopletochoosefrom #betterchancesofsuccess

Talk to us about what this could look like for your particular context:
13 CVGT (13 2848)
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So employers want passion.

How do we assess the #motivation of a job seeker? Here is a list of some questions for hiring teams to ask:

- What would make you go the extra mile at work?

- What would it take to make you stop caring at work?

- What role do you see your supervisor has at work?

- If you could win an award in the future, what would it be for?

- What does success look like for you at work?

- What do you admire about any co-workers you have ever had?

- What would you do if you were around people at work who seemed like they didn't care about doing the job well?

- How have you coped in the past when you feel a bit down at work?

- Tell us about the kind of place that your feel most productive or happy in...

- What's your biggest dream in life?
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Australian employers want #passion from the people they hire...

... and this is what passion at work looks like:

- a genuine interest in the trade
- a strong work ethic
- a positive attitude

More info in the Labour Market Research and Analysis Branch in the Department of Jobs and Small Business:
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#Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.

Malcolm Forbes

#Industry #Proficiency #HiringTips
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