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Amygdala, Medula and the Frontal Lobe (it's about a dog)
of the brain are important in this blog post. 
I mean, not in the way we  read, understand
and laugh, which is the usual way but in a more basic way.  To
this end, please remember that the frontal lobe is part of the cerebral cortex involved in,

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What is it with boys?  In heaven's name, what are they thinking? We are one of four houses off a pipe stem driveway.  Our front yard ends in a 50 degree slope
composed of sand and ruts and roots.  As
the person who planted over a dozen flats of ground cover...

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The Plan
we were to move, it would be so hard. There is tons that has to
be done, and, well, only us to do it. You can't just plop a house on the market, at least not where we live.  You have to prepare it and stage it.  It is supposed to gleam and glisten and ...

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How Do You Know You're Alive?
sky diving and bungee jumping and motorcycle racing. There's that
thing where you hold your breath and try to go deeper underwater than
anyone else has without dying. There's bull riding and bull racing (you know, the men running in
front of the b...

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Cancer: Genetic Testing
instructions I received before (free) genetic counseling (and my
insurance covered the testing) was that there would be no drinking
water, eating anything or chewing gum during the hour to hour and a
half appointment? What?  I mean, first off, would yo...

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Cancer: Radiation
day is a calendar square, each square empty except for my afternoon appointment written neatly in purple, the occasional lunch date added in black.    Dance
classes are marked at the top of the day columns.    Nineteen carefully
blocked days with 15 ...

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