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A Media-Infused Presentation
As I thought about creating my
media-infused experience using the Discovery Education Board Builder I was a
bit overwhelmed with the amount of possibilities that I was provided with.   How can I make a truly unique assignment that
is focused, content specif...

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Views for the Future
  This is just a short video that I recorded that discusses my plans on using Howard Gardner's 5 minds going forward.

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How much collaboration should really occur inside the classroom?
I recently came upon an interview
by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay in which they talk about their flat classroom
initiative.   Basically what the term
means is that people from all over the world work on the same lessons to create
a collaborative project th...

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Spotlight on Stategy
    I recently came across a great teaching resource that I feel would be a great tool for teacher to use is a variety of different teaching situations.  However, instead of just describing the strategy to you, I created an informational page using a websit...

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Creativity in the classroom
I progress throughout my masters course work I am constantly thinking about
ways to better incorporate technology into my lessons and projects.   Yet, I am left wondering how effective is
this use of technology and do the kids even want m...

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Creativity in the Classroom
recently watched a TED
talk by Sir Ken Robinson in which he discusses the role of creativity in
our schools today.   The basic premise of
the talk was that our educational system today is built in a way that kills
creativity.   This assess...

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Bringing It All Together
all of the great resources that are available online today there needs to be a
way to organize them, and provide this information to other people.   With this in mind I found a website called eduClipper that does just this.   Below is t...

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A Media-Infused Presentation
media-infused presentation allows for the development of a disciplined as well
as synthesizing mind by presenting a specific topic in depth, from a variety of
different angles.   It is the diversity of
the content that allows the student t...

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A Little Motivation
This week I came across a website
called Big Huge Labs , which allows
the users to create a variety of free resources that can be used in the
classroom.   After examining the website I
decided to create a motivator, one of those still image posters that hav...

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Who am I?
In today's society that strives to have everything done as quickly as possible, I have decided to introduce myself to you all using the rules of twitter.  In under 140 characters I will attempt to let you all know something about me.  I used a program calle...
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