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"Legendary HK", literally!
Hey guys,  Guess what?! I found a place with awesome Hong Kong Cuisine in Singapore. Its so authentic that I drool thinking of it.  It seems like I no longer need to consider flying over to HK just to eat these things already! (Except for Roasted Geese)  Re...

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School Term > <
Ohayo ----- ! ( * ^ . ^ * ) / In case you guys haven't followed me on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter ~  (Which I seldom use Twitter nowadays...) I have enrolled into NTU (Nanyang Technological University)  and I am currently reading Accountancy!  Winks I'm ...

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Watamiiiiiii =D
Ello Bello!  What's the MOST CONVENIENT yet AWESOME Japanese Restaurant in Singapore? It's definitely unchallenged, it's... WATAMI > < !  Haha.  My favourite food there is Salmon sashimi.  I've been to many restaurants in Singapore and many salmon sashimi (...

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Zalora - Nike Free 5.0
HELLO ALL. Believe it or not, sneakers loves/ shoes wearers/ runners. The Nike Free 5.0 is now available onsite @ Zalora !  As you guys may know, Zalora offers discounts off retail prices of atas and branded goods. The Nike Free 5.0 is one of the few items ...

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Summer Days in Singapore
Mono Preview of Summer Days Photo Set (other info on the pictures) here: --------------------------------------------------------- I'm glad that Summer Days wouldn't simply end along ...

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New life station
Just wondering how many of you are having the same dilemma as I? Soon, I will be moving on to a new life station and no longer at where I am/was. My 21st birthday is approaching this September 2015 and it feels so unreal. I feel like I am in some kind of li...

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Chinese New Year (CNY) Nails - Self-proposed
Here's my CNY nails self-proposed (DIY). HAHA.  I was in office, and my computer was lagging  so I took out a  base coat, 2 colours (red and black), 1 Gwen's glitter, a rapid dry top coat   and started "designing" my nails. Haha. ( Psssst, all from OPI beca...

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Catribal - Singapore
Meow~  Recently chanced upon Catribal Singapore on  Instagram   @catribal Apparently they have a facebook too! Shikes, the earrings are just too freaking cute for me to shut up and suck it u...

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JJ Thai - Review
Ello all , I'm back to talk about food.  I always walk around the sembawang area to find food.  Haha, and I happened to come across the "newly" opened JJ Thai . Well, then I did a google search on JJ Thai la, like what most of you do also right? I saw that ...

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Presbyopia Problems? Fret not!
GOOOOD NEWS PEOPLE!!! Recently Coopervision found a need for Presbyopia contact lenses. As times improve, our standard of living improves and older people are getting younger ...  ( you get that paradox there )  So those who are affected by Presbyopia (Lao ...
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